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Samsung Geeks | May 31, 2020

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Why is the S6 Edge Curved?

Knowing that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is just the S6 with curved edges, the next logical question is why is the S6 Edge curved? Why did Samsung produce two versions of its latest flagship that are so similar in functionality and look, with this one major differing factor?

The Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved screen sets it apart from other androids on the market

With the S6 Edge’s beautiful, futuristic design Samsung have created a unique phone that marks it out from other flagships on the market. At the same time, the curved screen also gives the user some new functionality. None of them are mind-blowingly new functionalities that will change the way we use androids forever, but they are pretty cool. And for many, they’re enough to tempt you to spend those extra pennies to get your hands on Samsung’s premium flagship.

The S6 Edge’s Night Clock mode turns the curved edges of the screen into a clock

What we love about the S6 Edge is that even when it is in sleep mode, you can see the clock. So when you’re in a half-asleep, confused state, a quick swipe up and down the edge illuminates the edge of the phone to display the time. The Night Clock mode can be set up for 12 hours max. It will drain your battery during the night though and the mode will be automatically disabled once your battery reaches 15%.

You can use the Information Stream on the S6 Edge

The Information Stream was introduced with the Galaxy Note Edge and Samsung have carried over this feature to the S6 Edge. It works only if the Edge screen is turned on and gives you a quick view of things like your Twitter activity, news stories or weather forecasts. You can customize feeds according to which order you’d like them to appear in and adjust additional settings for individual information feeds.

The S6 Edge has the new People Edge mode

The People Edge gives you access to select up to five contacts and to assign a unique color to each one. It’s a quick and easy way to differentiate between your friends and family.

To add those special contacts, you’ll need to go to the People Edge section in the Edge Screen settings menu. Select ‘My People’ and then you’ll be able to add up to five contacts by pressing ‘Add Contact’.

Once you’ve assigned your contacts you’ll see a colour circle (or a photo if you’ve assigned one to their contact) with the first letter of their name displayed on the edge of your screen. Swipe the screen to view missed calls or texts from those people.

The Galaxy S6 Edge uses different coloured light notifications

Another great feature is that you can select one of the two curved edges to be one big notification light. This will light-up in different colours depending upon the action. For example, the light will glow in one colour if you turn your phone over on a table. You can combine this with the People Edge function so that when you receive a call or message from a contact that you previously assigned via the People Edge, the curved screen will glow in the colour assigned for that particular person.

Why is the S6 Edge Curved? It looks good and it adds some fun features

The curved screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge is a great looking feature that has enabled Samsung to add some fun little extras to their flagship. We can’t wait to see what Samsung is cooking-up for its soon-to-be-released S7 and S7 Edge. We’ve heard a few rumours about what to expect for the Samsung Galaxy S7.