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Samsung Geeks | September 19, 2019

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Samsung Mobilers

Some of the Geeks who write for this website are Samsung Mobilers. Samsung Mobilers are sometimes provided with devices ahead of market release in order to give Samsung valuable feedback and insight. Mobilers are free to write whatever they like about devices, and we think it is very important to understand what being a Mobiler involves and why we believe this does not stop us from being impartial.


The Samsung Mobilers are a global network of Samsung Ambassadors. Whereas we are all known as Mobilers each country has its own way of doing things. In the UK we are often asked to post an article based around a certain theme. For example, we could be asked to write an article about the Galaxy S3. We are never asked, encouraged, or forced into writing content that is positive about Samsung. Instead we are actively encouraged to give constructive feedback which often makes its way into future devices. Have you heard about the chunkier S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 2? That was feedback we gave directly to the Galaxy Note designers at IFA 2011!

In return for giving our opinions we have the option to submit these articles to a UK platform where we can earn points. The whole idea of this point system is to reward Mobilers who give their opinions by giving them devices / accessories which they can then review and enjoy. By reviewing these products / apps we acknowledge that we are raising awareness whether we post negative or positive reviews. This is just a byproduct and not the main aim for a Mobiler. It really is simple – we love technology and we love Samsung tech so we joined the Mobilers and give our honest opinions in exchange for the latest devices which we can then review and start the whole process again.


You’ve probably heard that we attend events too? At IFA 2012 we were given the option of promoting or reporting. We are always made very clear what is required in return for the all expenses paid trips which, are completely optional. Many of us choose to promote the products because we like the technology, we enjoy speaking to other tech geeks, and it’s fun. Reporting roles do not exclusively involve reporting on Samsung activities. We are free to roam, eat Pretzels (yum!), report on competitors’ products, create comparisons, tweet, facebook, and basically do whatever we like. We are asked to review the latest Samsung products as well as roving but as always we can be objective and constructive.

Samsung Geeks

So how does this affect Samsung Geeks? Well it gives us inside access to the world of Samsung for starters. We attend the launch events, we attend the big trade shows, and we get the latest devices. We write articles for this website for our own enjoyment. If we are asked by Samsung  to write an article for a specific device or app we always give our honest opinions. We are Samsung enthusiasts – we like Samsung products. However, if we don’t like something you will know about it! We do sometimes submit posts to the – our UK network’s online portal. This allows us to share our work with other Mobilers and to see how active we all are. It’s not a fanboy factory, it’s not some conspiracy, it’s just a website.

When we say that we are impartial we mean it. This website is not a place for publicising Samsung in return for goodies. It would be pretty stupid if we used SG for this purpose as everything on here is a team effort – we would be doing ourselves out of ‘points’. This is a website to share our thoughts and the latest news on mobile technology. It’s called Samsung Geeks because there is a focus on Samsung products – because we like them. We also write features which are not related to Samsung but focus on mobile technology in general. We are proud of SG, we love writing for SG, and we hope you enjoy our website.