Samsung Geeks is a tech community founded in 2011. Our mission is simple – to be a meeting place for people who like, or are interested in, Samsung’s products and services. We’ll be bringing you news, reviews, tips and tricks and editorials on Samsung technology, and general technology we believe we may see in future Samsung products. This is all provided by a volunteer team of Samsung Geeks and Guest Geeks who keep the site ticking over with fresh content.

We are all impartial and have no affiliation to Samsung. That means we’re free to express honest opinions. Our Geeks also own HTCs, Motorolas, iPhones, iPads, and the odd Nokia or two. We give credit where credit is due, and constructive criticism where constructive criticism is due.

We take a particular interest in Samsung mobile devices, particularly Samsung smartphones. We’ll be reviewing the latest Samsung Galaxy and Note devices and providing a regular how-to posts to help you get the most out of your Samsung devices.

We hope you like our website.

Guest blogging

If you are looking at this page as you think you might like to write for us, head over to our Facebook and ping us a message. Or email sarah.hanney at swankyapple.com.

Guest posts need to be at least 500 words in length and whilst we don’t mind some relevant links, we’re not up for shameless self-promotion or spamming.

Please be aware that we do not currently pay bloggers / journalists for their articles. We do however make sure you have a bio on your articles and links to your social media / websites.