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Samsung Geeks | October 19, 2019

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Is Gear 3 as Good as Gear 2?

Is Gear 3 as Good as Gear 2?

| On 15, Sep 2016

Is Samsung’s latest bit of kit, the Gear 3 as Good as Gear 2? Samsung’s Gear 2 was a game-changing bit of kit. The company’s first go at a Smartwatch turned out the unremarkable and rather ugly Gear, which was remodelled beyond recognition for the release of the Gear 2. Their revision of the concept got a much better reception, as it was distinctly Samsung: slick-looking, innovative and customer-oriented. What was essentially a car radio screen on rubber straps was replaced with a much more traditional ‘clock’ design, cased in brushed metal and on the way to performing some pretty nifty functions.

New Gear on the Block

But now the Gear 3 has arrived, and in Samsung’s usual fashion, customer feedback had been focused on and worked into the design. Many felt that the Gear 2 was a huge step in the right direction for Smartwatches, but that there was still work to be done. The end result has been a major player of the Smartwatch market, which is set not only to dominate the industry, but to redefine it.

The Gear 2 was a huge aesthetic leap from its predecessor, adopting a much more mainstream watch style, and now the Gear 3 is holding its own against the likes of Dicaprio-endorsed Tag Heuer in the looks department. An incredibly sleek and sophisticated piece of kit, Samsung’s engineers – teamed with real-life Swiss watchmakers like Yvan Artya – made tweaks to even the finest little details, to make it more beautiful and comfortable than ever.

The Gear 2’s highly-praised bezel control has been refined and increased, which is being clocked as one of the Gear 3’s most valuable assets. The Super AMOLED screen is reinforced with Gorilla Glass SR+, a brand new, ultra-strong material, which has yet to be used on any other gadgets on the market.

A potential problem with the Gear 2 was its rather standard and masculine design, in spite of the replaceable straps. This has been firmly overcome by Gear 3 and its two separate styles. The Classic, with interchangeable leather straps, is a formal design, well-suited for men and women to compliment Smartwear. The Frontier, slightly more robust and designed for outdoor living, is more rugged-looking, and is rubber-strapped. It also comes with the knockout USP of LTE radio connectivity, meaning it can work completely alone, without the need for a smartphone to hook up to. This is a major leap, and could be the key to extension of the Smartwatch market in the future.

So is Gear 3 as good as Gear 2

It is odd to find a product, particularly by Samsung, which is so universal. Often, a previous model will present advantages to users that new models do not, offering each side some pros and cons to consider. However, the Gear 3 could be looked at as Gear 2: Final Draft. It takes all that is great with Gear 2 and makes it the best it can be. It is definitely as good as Gear 2 – better, in fact. All you have to make a decision on is Classic or Frontier.