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Samsung Geeks | November 20, 2019

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Samsung’s Family Hub is Coming to Europe!

Samsung’s Family Hub is Coming to Europe!

| On 08, Sep 2016

Talk about fingers in lots of different pies! While storming the Smartphone market, and making a very big impression with their latest Smartwatch designs, Samsung have refused to limit themselves. We all know them for their pocket-sized technology must-haves, but on a mission to Smartify everything, Samsung have been making an effort to establish themselves as household appliance people too. Smarthomes are the new way forward, and the nucleus of the Smarthome vision is Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator.

Revealed at the IFA convention this week in Berlin, the Family Hub is making its way over to us, having made its debut on home turf. But on top of perfecting the actual refrigeration technology, Samsung have given it that blast of technological novelty that all of their most successful new products need.

Fresh Food

It’s not all about being fancy – while the basic functions of phone calls and text messaging probably don’t get a second glance on the drawing board nowadays, Samsung have overhauled the typical fridge and made it do its job better.

Samsung's Family Hub

Inside Samsung’s Family Hub

With the fridge top/ freezer bottom layout standard to European models, and twin door design, we have a fairly standard fridge. Throw two ™-protected technologies and we have a considerably smarter fridge. Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus™ is responsible for refrigerating the top and bottom units separately, maintaining more constant temperature throughout each compartment, and Precise Chef Cooling™ prevents temperature fluctuations. This way, food stays fresher, shopping trips become less frequent, and everybody’s happy.

Fresher Technology!

Crisp lettuce and non-soggy bread is one thing, but where would a fridge be without an interactivity hub implanted? That’s right, nowhere. The Family Hub is built into the door of the refrigerator, and performs several functions, which range from begrudgingly useful to simply a novelty.

Samsung's Family Hub

Samsung’s Family Hub is more than just a fridge

The inner workings of the fridge contain three inward-facing cameras, which link up to the 21.5” Hub screen. Between these two features, you can keep track of what’s in your fridge from across the room or even across the country, provided you’ve got your paired Smartphone to hand. An added feature, which is admittedly very useful, is the labelling tool which allows you to virtually label each item in your fridge with its sell-by date. This is automatically counted down, ensuring you need never resort to sticking your nose in last week’s sauce jar to see whether it’s still good.

If this perfectly reasonable and useful function is a bit too mainstream for you, you can also leave notes and even photos for other family members to find later. You can view and follow recipes from the screen, and if that’s not enough, it does TV mirroring and music streaming. Yes – a singing fridge!

Samsung’s Family Hub as the heart of the home?

Although a couple of these functions don’t seem so necessary as they once may have (considering how easily anybody can access music, TV or recipes from their phone or tablet), Samsung have built it around an ideal of the kitchen serving as a centre for ‘family communication, entertainment and smart home services’. But, converted to Sterling, Hub fridges are likely to cost you around £4200. So how bad do you want a singing fridge?