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Samsung Geeks | May 27, 2020

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Gear IconX or Bragi Dash: Which is Better?

Gear IconX or Bragi Dash: Which is Better?

| On 02, Aug 2016

If you can’t decide whether the Gear IconX or Bragi Dash would be the best for you, here’s the lowdown on both of these wireless headphones to help you make your mind up…

Here’s an invention many an athlete – from professional all the way down to novice – have been eagerly awaiting. When working out, you want some decent music that gets your adrenaline pumping and motivates you. But in the gym, you may be stuck listening to others’ music, or the crashing of metal plates. On the street, the constant racket of the traffic makes headphones all but pointless. And most of all, the darn wire gets in the way endlessly, and it’s often a struggle to find a secure place to hold your phone and/or music device.

Although there have been a few attempts of varying success to make headphones better suited to athletes, Samsung’s Gear IconX and Bragi’s Dash are the first to make it happen the way everybody wanted. Bragi prides itself on being the world’s very first manufacturer of fully wireless and fully Smart headphones. Samsung prides itself on turning out every accessory that could ever possibly be paired with one of their phones. But have Bragi, dedicating their entire effort to the headphone issue, wiped the floor with Samsung?

Bragi Dash

Bragi’s Dash is little short of miraculous. Designed in Germany, it has been built to address pretty much every sport-related requirement in the book, including tracking your activity. With four different ear sleeves, from an XS up to a L, it fits comfortably and securely, and is designed to stay perfectly in place throughout activity.

The Dash earphones come in a handy little box which doubles as a charging port, meaning they can be charging up in your pocket on your way to the gym. Controls are made easy as pie, with buttons eliminated, and mere swipes and taps on the sensor side of the earphone required to change songs, answer phone calls and mute. But if you decide to go phone-free, the earphones have 4MB of internal storage – up to 1000 songs – eliminating even more bulk from your workout.

One of the Dash’s key features is that of the advanced ear bone microphone, which filters your voice from all other surrounding sounds, meaning no loud roaring from the traffic in the background when your friend calls. But perhaps the very best thing about the Bragi Dash is that it’s waterproof up to a meter. Yes – you can go swimming laps, with headphones on that block out the splashing and screaming that echoes around pools, and they won’t fall out. There is practically nothing they can’t do!

Gear IconX

Samsung could barely keep their hands off of another accessory to add to their line, which this year includes virtual reality headsets and 360 cameras, and were quick off the mark to put their own wireless earphone out.

Available in only three sizes, that’s S, M and L, the IconX come in Black, Blue and White and boast almost every function that the Bragi Dash does. Also holding up to 1000 songs and charging on the go in its neat little carry case, the IconX hooks up to your phone, so requires a Samsung, which obviously restricts the market somewhat, but may make it the obvious choice if you are already a Samsungite. Activities and progress is tracked and heart rate is monitored, and all stats can be reviewed and compiled with the compatible Samsung app.

Which is better, Gear IconX or Bragi Dash?

There has seldom been so close a call in a two product showdown. The Dash and the IconX are very very similar products, and so deciding which to buy really comes down to two questions: A – do you swim regularly? B – do you have a Samsung phone?