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Samsung Geeks | October 16, 2019

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2016 is the Year of the Smartphone Accessory

2016 is the Year of the Smartphone Accessory

| On 26, Jun 2016

It’s official: 2016 has brought along a wave of smartphone accessories that look borrowed straight from a sci-fi movie. So while we may not have reached flying cars and powdered food, we can still have plenty of fun with all the far-out accessories being brought out for Smartphones this year. From photography, to entertainment, smartphone manufacturers have raised the bar yet again, and challenged the limits of a mobile. No longer is it simply for communication; for many, it can be that one belonging that brings all other factors of life together.

Virtual Reality

One of the most fantastically futuristic ideas to come out of the accessory trend is the venture into virtual reality. We’ve been dreaming of it for decades, and though half-baked substitutes have come and gone, VR had not yet reached full impact.

However, phone companies hatched the plan of launching a virtual reality system that pairs with smartphones, making not only for serious novelty factor, but for much enhanced gaming and viewing. The headsets, which itself looks like something stolen from a spaceship’s control panel, blocks out all surroundings, encompassing you in whichever world you care to visit.

Yes, it may be a rather solo venture, and it’s nowhere near as fun to watch other people do, but the VR headset is easily one of this year’s coolest inventions.

360 Photography

The phone and camera markets have been intertwining somewhat in recent times, particularly with the GoPro and the action camera trend it spurred. Several big phone players have been tapping into the 360 camera idea, and each have released some form of ‘ball camera’.

Capable of capturing wonderful panoramic photos and even videos, the 360 cameras are proving a hit, perfectly suited to adventure holidays, very big group shots and those who suffer from paranoia. Many models also boast dust and water resistance, with very high resolutions, averaging around 25MP. They are a must-have piece for photography enthusiasts.

Robotic Balls

One of the more outside-the-box inventions to be twinned with the smartphone is the robot ball, and it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Said balls, which come in various colours and light up, are synced up to the phone via an app, allowing the user to control the ball, play games and music through it.

A highly novel idea, it is being plugged as a really family friendly accessory that even pets can get in on, and so will probably reach a popularity peak around Christmas.

With Smartphones themselves having reached new heights this year, it’s only fair that on-par accessories start hitting the shelves, and as you can see, there are some brilliant and imaginative products available out there. Have a browse and see what you can jazz your smartphone up with!