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Samsung Geeks | May 27, 2020

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Can I Get Android 6.0 for my Galaxy S6?

Can I Get Android 6.0 for my Galaxy S6?

| On 20, Apr 2016


Android’s 6.0 system, the Marshmallow, is their latest and greatest update, promising “more to love” to the users who have been eagerly awaiting it. It boasts simplified permissions, enhanced fingerprint security, new Now on Tap feature for better accessibility and smartly-programmed battery to prolong lifetime, among its many commodities. But when can I get Android 6.0 for my Galaxy S6?

Android 6.0 priority given to Nexus users

While dedicated subscribers have been looking forward to improved battery life, security and convenience, priority has been given to the Nexus owners, as is standard. Pre-installed on recent Nexus models for owners to enjoy and show off to non-Nexus users, word of the update’s new features has been creeping, from the fortunate nations of the US and South Korea, who were first to receive it. But is there anything to look forward to for the rest of us. Is Android 6.0 just for Nexus or can I get Android 6.0 for my Galaxy S6?

Good news! Limitless and universal usability is one of the emerging trends, and after a good deal of teasing, Android have finally confirmed that they will be rolling out 6.0 to other models, and Galaxy S6’s number is up! This rollout is proving a slower process than with the previous Android update Lollipop, but it is steadily unravelling throughout the range.

In the UK, Vodafone have officially commenced rollout of Marshmallow on Samsung models, featuring build number XXU3DPB8. This comes several weeks after they announced a worldwide rollout on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The update is being briskly prepped for other models to keep up with the boom of demand, and competing networks are also busy trying to roll out the update.

So how can I get Android 6.0 for my Galaxy S6?

Well, as it stands, the update is solely down to the device manufacturers, as the Android rollout process is more complex than that of Apple. This may explain the difficulty in pulling off a smooth rollout. There are a few websites out there, including, which provide step-by-step manuals for installing the update, but they do come adorned with glaring warnings about their not accepting any responsibility for any terrible accident which may befall your device as a result of your following said manuals. These should most certainly be approached with caution.

That means that the only above-board (definitely safe) way of getting 6.0 on your Galaxy S6 is to leave it to the manufacturer. Vodafone now sell S6 and S6 Edge with Marshmallow pre-installed, and the latest sources assure us that the update is being rolled out across many recent Samsung models, including the S7, imminently.

So although it’s not something we’re really used to hearing nowadays, if you are looking at getting the 6.0 update to your pre-bought model, the safest bet looks like sitting tight and waiting. If you’ve been anticipating treating yourself to an upgrade, then now would be the time to indulge. Marshmallow is reaching us quite late on in its world tour, and has already enjoyed positive reviews from every corner of the globe, so at the very least, we know what we’re getting is good.