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Samsung Geeks | November 18, 2019

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Should I update to the S7 or wait?

Should I update to the S7 or wait?

| On 24, Mar 2016

As exciting as the announcements of the latest iteration of Samsung’s flagship devices is, unless you’re a staunch early adopter, the chances are you’re in no rush to immediately pick up the Galaxy S7 just to have the latest device. The question is, should I update to the S7 or wait?

If you’re currently using the S6 or the S6 edge, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to update. The S7, as would be expected of any recently released flagship phone, has a rather hefty price tag and the difference between the S6 Edge and the S7 Edge might not seem worth shelling out for an update. However if you’ve got the money to spare, and can get a good price for your current device, there’s a few good reasons to upgrade. One of the great things about the latest generation of devices is the improved camera – something which, when coupled with the expanded memory, makes the S7 Edge a great device for photographers.

Should I update to the S7 or wait until my phone really needs replacing?

As a general rule for most people, unless you’re a niche market or super into having the latest devices, I suggest updating every couple of years, three if you’ve had no real hassles with your phone. Two years is roughly the time for a high end phone to start feeling a little bit outdated – the difference between the S4 and the S6 is unsurprisingly far more noticeable than upgrading from one generation to the next. If you’re the sort of person that uses your phone all the time as an extension of yourself and have a phone that’s starting to get a little bit old, then you’re going to want to update.

Should I update to the S7 or wait until VR technology develops?

If you’ve been paying attention to the Samsung world lately, you’ll have heard about Samsung’s forays into virtual reality, with the incredibly exciting Gear 360 and Gear VR headset. Interested in VR filmmaking and photography? Then to be frank, you will have to update to the S7 eventually. I would suggest actually updating sooner rather than later, due to the current S7/Gear VR bundle. Otherwise, follow the general advice given, and wait a little while for the price to drop before updating to the S7. So. should I update to the S7 or wait? Whilst Samsung are indeed trailblazers in the VR world, it might not be worth updating quite yet.