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Samsung Geeks | November 20, 2019

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Can a Samsung Galaxy Tab replace your laptop?

Can a Samsung Galaxy Tab replace your laptop?

| On 26, Jan 2016

by Andrew Wilmot

For a number of years now, many people have been calling the rise in smartphones and tablets the beginning of the end to your traditional desktop or laptop. Apple’s Tim Cook has already declared the death of the PC, unsurprisingly pitching the iPad as a laptop/desktop killer. But can Samsung Galaxy Tab replace your laptop? Can any tablet? Let’s take a look…

If you’re a casual user who uses their laptop to check Facebook, read emails and browse the internet, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab is just about the perfect device for you. It’s more portable, easier to use, and has a longer battery life than most laptops, not to mention cheaper as well! With a Samsung Galaxy Tab you don’t have to worry about viruses, apps are easier to manage, and you can get to what you want far quicker than you could with a laptop.

But what if you use your computer more for work than for relaxing? A lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of switching to a tablet for their day-to-day work, citing difficulties with using a touchscreen to type-up work. Luckily, there are a range of peripherals such as keyboards and mice that can be used with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and there’s even Microsoft Office so you don’t even have to switch software! However, as powerful as the Galaxy Tab is, they’re still not quite as good as your average laptop for really processor-heavy work such as huge spreadsheets. Plus, a lot of the more unusual software you might use on a day-to-day basis often isn’t available on Android. Whether or not you can entirely replace your work laptop with a work Galaxy Tab depends really on the sort of work you do, and you might find that whilst the Tab is great for on-the-move work, the laptop still has a place at your desk.

One thing that has really taken off in the last few years is the mobile gaming market. Without a doubt, you would have heard of Angry Birds or Clash of Kings. For your casual gamer who just wants a fun timewaster whilst travelling, this is perfect. However, you’re not going to see Fallout 4, the Total War games or similar huge games on tablets yet. This is partially because of the fact that tablets have to squeeze more performance into a smaller device. A device that can have a big dedicated graphics card will always have the advantage over a smaller device that can’t. It is also partially due to the fact that a tablet’s main interface is touchscreen, whilst these games require either a keyboard/mouse or a gamepad. Whilst all of these are available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, they aren’t considered essential. If you’re a big gamer following all the latest AAA games, then maybe don’t throw out your laptop just yet!

So whether a Samsung Galaxy Tab can replace your laptop is really a matter of what you use your laptop for. My guess is that for most people, you might as well just get a Samsung Galaxy Tab – it does everything your average user needs at a fraction of the price, has a better battery life and is easier to use. However, hard-core gamers should stick with their computers and professionals should consider getting one to use alongside their laptop. Personally, I reckon I spend most of my digital time on my tablet. I can’t quite make the switch over yet but I can definitely see it happening in the next few years!