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Can I get the Android Marshmallow update for my Samsung?

The good news is yes! You can get the Android Marshmallow update for your Samsung. But before you jump up and down in excitement, the next question you’ll be asking is “When can I get the Android Marshmallow update for my Samsung?”. Check out the rest of this article to get a gauge of plans for a potential role-out.

Google has launched Marshmallow for Android 6.0 already and here’s what has been announced. It was at the time of the launch of Nexus 5X and 6X that Google released the news about the Android 6.0 software that would be making its debut on the aforementioned handsets. The new build started life as Android M and then became Marshmallow just in case you are still on the page with Android M. This new build has a vast number of exciting new features and capabilities.

Some of these new optimisations include better power consumption to ensure your phone lasts longer per charge. You can have greater control over what apps get access to on your device. You will also be able to customise your interface, status bar and what is displayed.

This upgrade is really exciting as you can also use external storage cards and utilise them as though they are on-board within your device! There are so many improvements and any Android devotee will be thrilled with the improvements.

So now you know about the potential benefits you’re probably thinking, “Come on tell me when can I get Android Marshmallow on my Samsung?” It’s safe to say Google has made massive improvements in developing its Android platform over the past few years however it hasn’t yet found a complete roll out solution to new software. But there are rumoured release dates. Samsung have not confirmed specific dates as yet but it is fairly safe to assume that the key flagship devices will receive the update soon. There has also been firm confirmation that their devices will get the upgrade.

Samsung have released the following roadmap for Marshmallow release:

  •   Galaxy Note 5 (December 2015)
  •   Galaxy S6 edge+ (January 2016)
  •   Galaxy S6 (January 2016)
  •   Galaxy S6 edge (January 2016)
  •   Galaxy Note 4 (February 2016)
  •   Galaxy Note Edge (February 2016)
  •   Galaxy A5 (March 2016)
  •   Galaxy S5 (April 2016)
  •   Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (April 2016)

So although nothing is written in stone it looks like all key Samsung flagship devices will be completed for April! Something for all Android and Samsung fans to look forward to in the New Year. Enjoy the Android Marshmallow update!

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