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Samsung Geeks | May 27, 2020

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What is the Samsung alternative to Handoff?

What is the Samsung alternative to Handoff?

| On 03, Dec 2015

Many Apple users enjoy the features of Handoff which allows you to seamlessly transition from one device to another. But what is the Samsung alternative to Handoff? Whilst Handoff is no longer exclusive to Apple users, Samsung’s alternative may just float your boat. Let me introduce you to Samsung Flow, a new feature that allows all things to be connected in a way unprecedented to Samsung users. It is now possible to pause actions, change device and then resume the action by utilising Samsung Flow.

Samsung Flow: Seamlessly Transitioning Activities

Samsung Flow allows you to transition your activities between devices in real-time. Flow is more than an application, it is a communications hub for all of your devices. Utilizing Flow enables you to literally change devices in the middle of any action or pause it until you are ready to view it. Transferring activities in real-time Flow allows you to use the best device for each purpose. You are able to pick up right where you left off with Samsung Flow, you never have to start from the beginning again!

So many times we wish we could slide a video to a larger screen, or complete an action on a different device. Too often the right device is not immediately available or there just is not enough time to finish the task immediately or start from the beginning again. With Samsung Flow, you can now pause an activity then resume it whenever you get the time. This allows you to move activities across time as well as their perspective devices. Optimise your activities and projects.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Simply Productive

Nobody likes having a huge to do list that they can’t keep track of. Samsung Flow provides all of your deferred activities in one easy to access location. You can tap the activity to resume it or to remove it simply swipe it away. Flow is synchronised with your everyday life and helps you actually keep the work flow moving instead of putting it off.

Using Samsung Flow is easy. All you need to do is download it from the Google Play store. Install Flow on each of the devices you want to use it on. After doing so, be sure to add them to your collection. Flow supports existing applications utilizing Android’s Share feature, which allows you to instantly begin deferring and transferring activities at your convenience.

What is the Samsung alternative to Handoff? Flow.

Samsung Flow was developed to connect everything. Transfer, defer and resume an activity from your list. The developers of Flow are sure to continue to make Flow easy to integrate into your daily life.