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Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 waterproof?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 took us all by surprise when unlike the Galaxy S4, one of the main features was that it was waterproof. Samsung geeks around the world rejoiced due to the fact that finally Samsung had made a powerful smartphone waterproof. Many of us are wondering if the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is waterproof too.

Its been reinvented, but is the Samsung Galaxy S6 waterproof?

Despite the complete reinvention of the Samsung Galaxy S6, unfortunately Samsung’s latest phone is not waterproof. This has left many Samsung customers wondering why Samsung would make a waterproof phone for the S5, but not the S6. Others accuse Samsung of using more of Apple’s technology and claim that the Galaxy S6’s new features can be compared with those of the latest iPhone. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S6 does not allow the battery to be removed nor is there an expandable memory slot. These two cons, along with the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is not waterproof have been overshadowing a lot of the phone’s positive features.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not waterproof, but it does perform elsewhere

The S6 contains a new and improved fingerprint scanner that is far superior to the scanner of the S5. The Galaxy S6 has also been rated as far more intuitive and user friendly than previous models. Samsung claims that they scrapped waterproofing to focus on providing a more premium phone. With a 5.1” AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy S6 displays colours and clarity in a way you’ve never seen them before. The screen even dynamically adjusts to your environment, including sunlight.

Samsung Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, you get the performance and speed to work, browse, and view. The ultra-power saving mode will allow you to get substantially more out of your remaining battery life. You can also use the fast charging feature to power up to 50% within 30 minutes or enjoy the Samsung wireless charging feature.

Waterproof or not, you can still use the Samsung Galaxy S6’s 16 MP camera to capture all of the moments with clarity that other devices might miss. In fact, auto HDR will capture clear shots no matter what lighting environment you are in.

The Galaxy S6 is equipped with a multi window which allows you to simultaneously run two applications at once and switch between them at your leisure. Since the S6 is 4G LTE compatible you can enjoy HD voice and video calls that sound like you are talking in person. You can also receive and make calls while you are browsing the web or using an app, when you have this feature enabled.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S6 is not waterproof it contains loads of features that help make up for this. If the phone you have or want is not waterproof, check out our blog post on how to waterproof your Samsung phone.


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