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Samsung Geeks | May 31, 2020

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Where can I download the Samsung Allshare app?

Where can I download the Samsung Allshare app?

| On 30, Oct 2015

If you have been wondering where can I download the Samsung Allshare app, look no further as Samsung Geeks has you covered! Even if you are not up to date with all of the current Samsung news, you may still want to know about the Samsung Allshare app. It is now called Samsung Link. That’s right, if you are looking to download the Samsung Allshare app, you should be searching for Samsung Link. We have done the hard work for you; safely download Samsung Link from either of these two links. It is available direct from Samsung at or directly from the Googleplay store at

Samsung Allshare is now the Samsung Link App

So, now that Allshare is Samsung Link, what does it mean and what exactly is Samsung Link? Well, if you were a previous Allshare user, you can just simply log-in with your regular Samsung Account and you will be able to access all of your content that was stored such as your videos, documents, or pictures. You have nothing to worry about and you are probably already using Samsung Link without issues. If you are a new user, you may be wondering what Samsung Link is and if you are able to use it.

Samsung Link allows you to access and interact with content such as digital media or display photos from your device onto other devices over the internet or through a wireless access point. You can also remotely access your devices and manage the shared content. It is as simple as registering your PC at and add your PC to your “network”. Samsung Link also allows you to automatically save and store photos taken on your device to your PC when you take advantage of linking your PC. This helps serve as a back-up as well as easy access for editing. You can also utilize Samsung Link to upload videos and other documents directly to your PC. Once your PC is registered, you are able to use your PC to edit the content on your network devices.

With Samsung Link you can also Stream your photos on your television! With Samsung Link it is easy to display your videos and documents on your PC or TV. By utilizing the Samsung Link app you can transfer your content from your device to a PC or a Samsung TV to share with friends and family. Samsung Link is feature rich and allows you to access your content from virtually anywhere.

Samsung Link is preinstalled on most Samsung devices, but you can download it at the links listed above as well. However, Samsung warns that Samsung Link may not function properly if it was not preinstalled on your device. Reference the links above to download the Allshare app.