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What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

One of the main reasons why smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, are such an improvement on ordinary mobile phones is the range of amazing things that they allow you to do, far above simply sending and receiving phone calls and text messages. From watching videos on YouTube to posting on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and from checking the weather to getting news updates, smartphones are superb because you can do so much on them.

In fact, smartphones are a magnificent modern invention helping to deal with the age old problem of keeping fit and healthy. Various health apps, many available free of charge, help users to cut their calorie intake and equip them to make the most of their exercise routine. In this extended article, I will take a look at the five best health apps to help Samsung Geeks who own the Samsung Galaxy S6 improve their health and get in shape for the summer.

What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6- S Health AppHealth app 1: Samsung S Health app

Samsung takes the issue of health, fitness and wellbeing so seriously that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a pre-installed S Health app designed to help owners get in and stay in shape. As it comes free with the smartphone, many users will naturally turn to the S Health app as their first port of call when looking for health apps, and with good reason too. Samsung’s alternative to Google Fit (discussed below) has good functionality and a number of useful features for those looking to get fit.

The app tracks almost everything pertinent to your health, including calorie intake, step count, heart rate, stress levels and sleep patterns. You can also set yourself fitness goals, such as running a certain distance in a given amount of time, and construct and manage programs to achieve those goals, as well as tracking your progress along the way.

All in all, the well designed and polished S Health app is definitely one of the best health apps available on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Moreover, after only being available on the Galaxy Apps store in the past, the S Health app is now also available on Google Play Store, making the process of upgrading when new and improved versions of the handy S Health app come out that much easier.

Health app 2: Google Fit app

What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6? Google Fit App

The Google Fit app used to be a little bit frustrating for Samsung owners, primarily due to problems with the heart rate sensors becoming active all of the time as a result of Google Fit’s activity detection feature. In fact, the issue was so serious that Google Fit was branded incompatible with some Samsung devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, through the Play Store.

However, following a substantial recent update, Google Fit is no longer incompatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6, rendering it available as a potential option for fitness conscious Samsung Geeks. Perhaps not as comprehensive as alternative apps, the Google Fit app is still a great option as it has outstanding Android Wear support allowing you to continue to track and measure your exercise activity even when you don’t have your smartphone on your person.

It is also free of charge and includes no in-app purchases, so Google Fit might be right for you if you are looking for a simple but effective health app to help you get in shape.

Health app 3: Atari Fit app

What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6 AtariFit App

Often, one of the problems of trying to get fit is that the benefits of getting in shape seem far away in the future, while the costs in terms of sacrificing tasty calorific food and forcing yourself to undertake arduous and difficult exercise are immediate. Therefore, gaining significant short term benefits from a fitness regime is crucial to keep you going.

The Atari Fit app is one of the best ways for Samsung Galaxy S6 users to provide themselves those short term benefits. This is because the app, available on Android free of charge, motivates users to get fit with video games, which Atari specialises in providing. As long as you regularly complete some of the roughly 150 exercises available, you can earn more points and, if you earn enough, those points entitle you to access fun Atari games such as Centipede, Pong and Super Breakout.

Furthermore, daily tips are provided, your distance covered, speed and calories burned are counted and you have the ability to let your friends know how your quest to get fit is going as the Atari Fit app allows you to post achievements and accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter.

All of these factors make the Atari Fit app another excellent option for Samsung Galaxy S6 owners when considering which health app to install on their smartphone.

Health app 4: C25K (Couch to 5K) app by RunDouble

What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Couch 2 5K

Everyone has to start somewhere in their journey to greater fitness and a healthier lifestyle, and the Couch to 5K (C25K) app by RunDouble is designed to help people who have perhaps lapsed on their New Year’s Resolution to turn your Samsung TV off occasionally and go for a run instead!

C25K not only provides a plan to get you off the couch and running 5K in just over two months, it also provides other programs that help you to build on your momentum and go on to achieve other targets, such as running 10K and even training for a half marathon. Detailed statistics on your run are also included, as well as the ability to play your favourite motivational music through an app or streaming service. Additionally, there is a heart rate monitor and training zone so that you can accurately track your calories and optimise your breathing patterns while running.

The main downside to the C25K app is that, unlike the S Health app, the Google Fit app and the Atari Fit app, the full version is not free. However, if it achieves its goal of getting you off the couch and outside running 5K then it will be worth it. Moreover, you can decide whether it is worth the small fee by sampling the trial version of the app at no cost.

Health app 5: Calorie Counter app by MyFitnessPal

What are the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6 My Fitness Pal

A healthy diet is just as important as regular exercise when trying to lose weight. You can run all you like, but if you are regularly eating out at McDonalds afterwards you are not going to get very far with your fitness regime!

Therefore, installing MyFitnessPal’s excellent Calorie Counter app to your Samsung Galaxy S6 could be a crucial part of your plan to get fit and healthy. Simply keeping count of how many calories you consume is perhaps as effective, if not more so, than the latest new-fangled fad diet. The Calorie Counter app sets out to help you lose weight by doing exactly what it says on the proverbial tin.

With a huge database of over four million foods, the Calorie Counter app logs your calorie consumption by allowing you to quickly add recipes from around the world, creating your personalised food journal.

Free, but with a pro version available for a small fee as an in-app purchase, the Calorie Counter app is the best way to keep track of what you are eating and is therefore one of the best health apps for the Samsung Galaxy S6 owner.

The myfitnesspal site also has a great blog with loads of tips for getting fitter, eating cleaner and achieving your goals.

Conclusion: What are the best health apps for Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung’s very own S Health app is a fantastic comprehensive app covering all bases, while the Google Fit app may be more simple but is also perfectly effective and is particularly appealing for its brilliant Android Wear support.

The Atari Fit app may also provide the motivation that you need to crack on with your fitness regime through its enticing free games offer for those who achieve a certain number of points, while RunDouble’s C25K app is perhaps best for beginners reviving failed New Year’s Resolutions. MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter is also one of the best on the market for making sure that you have the right healthy diet to accompany a rigorous exercise regime.

To conclude, you can’t go too far wrong with these five health apps, which are some of the best on offer on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Have any other health apps helped you on the journey to full fitness? We’d love to hear from you- let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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