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Samsung Geeks | May 20, 2019

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How to Set Up Samsung Screen Mirroring

How to Set Up Samsung Screen Mirroring

| On 30, Mar 2015

Screen mirroring is a useful feature on many Samsung smartphones that allows users to wirelessly beam their photos, videos, presentations and video games to a big screen. Available on the Galaxy S3, S4 and S5, as well as the Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4/Edge, the feature provides a convenient way of sharing your device’s screen with a Samsung Smart TV or with any HDTV using the All Share Cast Wireless Hub.

There are various reasons to set up Samsung screen mirroring; it’s a great asset for business presentations, home entertainment and more. In the next few years it’s looking like more and more tasks will be possible via wireless connections, including charging batteries and linking different kinds of devices. Setting up Samsung screen mirroring will enable you to watch content on a large screen without the use of an HDMI cable, saving time, money and wear-and-tear.

Samsung smartphones come with an amazing range of functions, some of which you won’t even be aware of. We recommend that you set up Samsung screen mirroring and start taking advantage of the awesome things that your Samsung smartphone can do.

In this short article, we walk Samsung Geeks through the steps involved in setting up Samsung screen mirroring.

How to set up Samsung Screen Mirroring

Setting up your TV for Samsung Screen Mirroring

This is very simple if you have a compatible Samsung Smart TV. Just press the input button and then select Screen Mirroring on the TV’s display. A little more leg work is required to set up screen mirroring for a HDTV, however.

You need will to connect your All Share Cast Wireless Hub and your HDTV with a HDMI cable, change the input source so it matches that of the HDMI cable and then wait for the Hub to detect your TV. You’ll know this has happened when it blinks red. After that, press the reset button and wait for the status indicator to turn blue. At that point, the HDTV is ready for screen mirroring.

Sharing your phone’s screen with the TV through Samsung Screen Mirroring

On your home screen, tap on ‘apps’ and then ‘settings’. You will then find ‘Screen Mirroring’ under ‘Connect and Share’. Tap on the ‘switch button’ to enable the Samsung screen mirroring feature, and your phone will then conduct a search for available devices within its range. If all goes well, the available TV will be displayed at the end of the search and then it’s simply a case of tapping on it to connect to your chosen device.

Then, hey presto, your phone’s screen will be displayed in all its glory on your TV!

We hope that this article leaves you fully equipped to set up Samsung Screen Mirroring and hence enjoy easily beaming your smartphone’s screen onto your TV. If, however, you experience any difficulties setting up Samsung Screen Mirroring, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be more than happy to try and help you out. Best of all, if you’ve found an alternative solution that would benefit others in our Samsung community then please don’t hesitate to share it.

  • Larry

    except it starts to connect to my Samsung smart tv then reports connection failed on my phone.

  • Larry

    I Should say my phone is an S3 and the TV is a 4k UHD 6500 tried the Mirror Patch app and it says not needed..any suggestions

  • Phuong Nguyen

    My TV is a 2012 Samsung Smart TV UN60D6450UFXZA. It does not have the Screen Mirror on the Source menu. It does have an AllShare icon on the Smart TV section. Can I still share screen with it from a Samsung device (Note II, Note Edge, tablet, …)?


    Samung s5, samsung tv – “failed to connect by screen mirroring” please advise?

  • LTA

    Is there a solution to the audio lag problem when watching movies via screen mirroring? I am using samsung s5 and allshare cast hub.

  • Ashton-Marie Chamberlain

    Trying to screen mirror a new Samsung a3 2016 but the logo in drop down menu isn’t there like on the s6. How do I screen mirror

  • Simon

    I have a Samsung j3 and can’t figure out how to screen mirror…any help greatly appreciated on how to do it

    • Edgar

      Same issue here. J3 has no screen mirroring option.
      Help please.

      • Deborah McGann

        I am having the same issue. How can I screen mirror with Samsung Galaxy J3?

        • reyner salsa

          I am having the same issue. How can i screen mirror with samsung j3 2016.

          • Musical Wolf

            It wont work for my J3 either. I connect my phone to tv but it only says its charging, plz help

    • Hi Simon, unfortunately the J3 doesn’t support screen mirroring and we haven’t yet found a work around. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and let you know if we find a solution. Have you thought about using Chromecast?

  • Petia Bogdanova

    I have the same issue with my Samsung J3. How to screen mirror.
    Thanks in advance!