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Why are there so many different models of Samsung Mobiles?

In 2014 Samsung released over 50 new smart phones. In contrast, major competitor HTC released 23 and Apple released just 2. Last year customers in the UK could choose from more than 30 Samsung handsets at any one time. Samsung fans could therefore be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed at the range of choice on offer to them. So why are there so many different models of Samsung Mobiles?

Going against received marketing wisdom, Samsung’s proliferation of handsets has been part of a strategy to try and be all things to all people. With multiple releases of flagship, mid­-range and low­spec mobiles, Samsung hasn’t just focused its attentions on one section of the market. Added to that, it offers customers a range of products no matter what their budget. Finally, not every handset is available in all geographical markets. As the only manufacturer to really challenge Apple in terms of sales over the past few years, it’s a strategy that seemed to be working.

However all that could be about to change.

A Samsung Mobile for Everyone

Major competitors such as Apple have long had a ‘take-­it­-or­-leave it’ approach to their mobiles. If you don’t want or need a high­-spec, top­-of­-the­-range smartphone, then, well, Apple doesn’t need you either.

Samsung on the other hand have made a conscious effort to go the other way. Not content with just focusing on the top end, mid-­range or budget phones, Samsung has worked hard to be competitive in all three areas.

Up until the middle of last year, Samsung’s strategy of competing on all three fronts was certainly paying off. They were dominating the Android market and making big sales quarter after quarter. However in the second half of last year that growth dropped off as the difficulty of staying competitive across three markets started to take its toll.

Samsung Mobile: Choice for all

Samsung haven’t just been content with offering a single phone to each segment of the market. They’ve built a strategy of offering choice to all of their customers, no matter what end of the market they’re interested in. Offering choice in low­-spec budget smartphones is relatively simple as they take relatively little time to design and roll out. But Samsung have concentrated their efforts right across the board.

Take last year’s high­-end product releases as an example. In January, the Note 3 Neo was released. In April came the much anticipated S5. October brought the Note 4 and November saw the introduction of the Note Edge. That’s four high spec phones/phablets in one year!

But Samsung weren’t just focussing on one segment of the market. In the mid-­range they announced not only extensions of previous series’. The A3 and A5 saw a whole new series introduced with mid­range specs!

Location, Location, Location

It’s fair to say that with so many new releases announced by Samsung, it’s likely there are some phones that even the most hardcore Samsung geeks won’t be familiar with. That’s because phones are often only released in certain geographical regions.

For example, models such as the REX are aimed directly at emerging markets. So unless you’ve ever looked to buy a new phone in India, you could be forgiven for not immediately being able to reel off the full spec.

Different variations of a phone also get released in different locations to meet specific market conditions. The top-­spec S5 LTE was released exclusively in Samsung’s South Korean homeland which boasts a consistent high­speed 4G network. With much slower 4G speeds in the UK, a downgraded S5 LTE­A variation (which could be described as S5 LTE­’lite’) was released here.

Why are there so many different models of Samsung Mobiles?

Samsung have long pursued a strategy of flooding the market with a huge range of mobiles. And offering high quality choice to customers on all budgets and across geographical regions has served Samsung very well.

However in 2014, there were signs that Samsung’s growth was declining. As a result, a change of tack in their prolific mobile releases has been indicated.

Samsung still intend to offer choice to customers at all ends of the market. However, they have suggested they will cut the release of new phones by about 30%.

So do you think less will be more? Or do you love having a huge range of Samsung mobiles to choose from? Let us know in the comments below!

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