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How to Retrieve Data from a Samsung Mobile With a Broken Screen

There are few things more frustrating than a broken mobile phone screen. The annoyance is magnified, however, when users struggle to get access to the data stored on the mobile with a broken screen. As a result, many Samsung Geeks often ask if it’s possible to retrieve data from a Samsung mobile with a broken screen.

Thankfully, the answer is yes.

Perhaps the easiest way to retrieve your data from a mobile with a broken screen is through Samsung’s helpful ‘Find my phone’ application. If your device has a Samsung account, then you can simply visit their website and, after logging in, you will be able to use your smartphone remotely. As a result, you can unlock your screen and connect with your USB cable in order to access your files and retrieve your all-important data.

Another method Android users can use to retrieve data is via the Android data recovery program. This software supports most Samsung devices and is as simple as connecting your android device to your computer, then running the android data recovery software and, finally, selecting the files you wish to recover before clicking “Recover” to save your data.

Those Samsung Geeks who own a device without a Samsung account do not have to despair, as there is another way for them to retrieve data from smartphones with a broken screen. If you have a friend with a similar but working smartphone, you can take the motherboard, which is where your data is saved, and put it in the working phone and then proceed to back up your files from there.

This method requires careful handling of both devices in order to prevent damage to the working one, but if you follow the instructions in this YouTube video you should be able to safely remove the motherboard and thus save your data.


Breaking your mobile phone screen is inevitably immensely frustrating and, in terms of data recovery, prevention is better than cure, so make sure to back up all your important files and data before the worst happens. However, if you follow these simple suggestions then you can retrieve your data from your mobile if the screen is broken and you need not lose all your contacts, SMS, photos and videos.

Have you experienced the frustration of a broken phone screen? Been confronted with the question of how to retrieve data from a Samsung mobile with a broken screen? Why not leave a comment below and help others in the Samsung community benefit from your experiences…

Image from K.G.23 on Flickr (Creative Commons Licence)

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