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Samsung Geeks | April 20, 2019

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How To SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3 etc for FREE

How To SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3 etc for FREE

| On 07, Oct 2014

We’ve been contacted by literally hundreds of you asking us about SIM unlocking. So here it is – a Samsung Geeks tutorial giving you the lowdown on how to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3 and various other Galaxy phones for FREE.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy Phone SIM Locked?

One of the biggest frustrations for Samsung users is finding that their Galaxy phone is SIM locked to a particular network. This is great for the individual networks because it allows them to provide subsidised phones for their customers. Unfortunately it tends to be bad news for the customer because there are no guarantees that a new SIM card from a new network will work with your phone.

In fact, there’s every chance that it won’t work.

In this article we’ll be exploring various options that are available to you. We know that this is a real gripe among Samsung users and so we wanted to provide you with the best resources to work out how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy phone that you have. Whilst some of you are interested in finding out how to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 4, unlocking tends to be more of an issue for those of us with slightly older models – usually because you’ve come to the end of a fixed contract or because you want to give your phone to a friend or family member.

DISCLAIMER: Samsung Geeks cannot be held liable for any losses resulting from following these methods. We’ve included various methods – including contacting the relevant network directly – but it is important to state that there are no guarantees that a particular method will work for your phone. Please be aware that you attempt to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone at your own risk.

Option 1: Ask Your Network to SIM Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

This is probably the easiest way to get your Samsung Galaxy phone unlocked, especially if you’re not particularly tech-savvy and are concerned about making mistakes. Some carriers will charge a fee for this process – but if you’re a long-time customer and you ask really, really nicely they might just unlock the phone for free.

We know that some of you have had more difficulty with some networks than others. As a preliminary step we’d encourage you to speak to your network’s customer services department. It won’t hurt to ask them if they SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone for free – and it will ensure that any warranties/guarantees remain unaffected.

This is a particularly safe option if you’re trying to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 4. The fact that these are higher value phones means that you’re probably more inclined to pay the unlocking fee. It’s not a free option, but it’s still the most reliable way to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Option 2: Use an Online Tutorial to SIM Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Phone

The good news is that Samsung are the world’s largest smartphone producer – shipping a whopping 85 million units in the first quarter of 2014 – which means that there are lots of people out there producing online tutorials to help you unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Here are some of the best that we’ve found….

How to SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 For Free (not EE)

The UK operator GiffGaff have produced a very helpful tutorial showing you how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 for free – with just a few simple steps.

Unfortunately this won’t work for those of you on EE. If you’re trying to unlock a Samsung Galaxy phone with EE then please read on because we’ve included options that will apply to you below.

How to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 on T-Mobile

This excellent tutorial shows you how to unlock a Samsung Galaxy phone using RegionLock Away, a free piece of software that you can download. The video is listed as being a Galaxy S4 fix but it’s also suitable for Note 2 and Note 3 phones.

This approach is primarily designed to remove the Region Lock (Samsung’s way of locking phones to a particular geographical region) but some Samsung users have found that it’s also removed the SIM lock on their Galaxy phone. It’s probably worth a try, particularly as you can download RegionLock Away for free.

How to SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Phone Using a Code

The guys at autoomobile have published a post with details of how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3, S3 and S4 using a leaked code.

This may or may not work but it might be worth a try. The article includes a step-by-step guide. If you’re trying to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or 3, Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 for free then this is worth a look. Alternatively you can always head on over to DoctorSIM, our approved SIM unlock code service, for a 20% Discount on SIM Unlocking.

How to SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S5

As more and more people get their hands on the S5 we’ve had more and more requests for advice on how to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy S5. That’s not surprising; it’s an outstanding phone and you can now pick up a new or used version for a very reasonable price.

There are several ways to go about getting your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked, including those mentioned elsewhere in this article.

For our American readers, one of the best video tutorials is this one on YouTube from CellUnlocker. Unfortunately, they charge $29.99 to release your SIM Unlock Code, which isn’t free. However, we’ve looked around and there doesn’t appear to be any way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 for free at the moment. However, we’ll keep looking and as soon as an option becomes available we’ll post it here. If you find a solution that works then please drop a comment below so that other users can benefit from your findings!

How to SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Phone With an App from the Google Play Store

A great option for those of you wanting a cheap way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone is to download and install an app from the Google Play store.

GalaxSim Unlock is probably the most popular unlocking app for Samsung phones, with more than 1,000,000 downloads and an average user rating of 4.3/5. It’s just £2.59, which is pretty inexpensive compared with the potential cost of paying a network or unlocking service provider.

The only caution would be that it isn’t necessarily guaranteed to work with newer Samsung models – and there are 1,000 negative reviews to take into consideration. However, we’d say that this is a pretty safe bet if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Phone on EE

We’ve had several of you asking about how to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy on EE. It would seem that this is the most difficult of all the unlocking options here in the UK. EE incorporated the Orange and T-Mobile networks and is a huge service provider for British customers.

We’ve found four ways to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy Phone on EE:

1. The first option is simply to contact EE directly and ask them to unlock your phone for you. Last time we checked this incurs an admin charge of £20.42 £8.99 (updated April 2015). If you’re looking for a quick, simple and official way to unlock your phone then this might be the best option for you.

2. Our second option is to use a third party SIM unlocking service such as Dr Sim to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone. This will be cheaper than going through EE directly – it’s currently $20.95/£13 – and gives you some of the reassurance of going through a recognised provider. You’ll be sent an unlocking code which will allow you to use your Samsung Galaxy phone with a new SIM card. Click here for our DoctorSIM Discount Code!

3. The third option is to download an unlocking app such as GalaxSim Unlock (see above) from the Google Play store. This is much cheaper than options 1 and 2 and again provides a relatively straightforward solution.

How to SIM Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Phone: Your Findings

We hope that this article has given you the tools to work out how to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone.

It goes without saying that the online Samsung community is one of the best sources of information and advice. If you’ve found a way to SIM unlock a Samsung Galaxy phone for free then please do leave a comment in the section below – you might just be helping hundreds of fellow Samsung users to unlock their phones.

We’ll be updating this page in the coming months with tips for SIM unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S5. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will mean that more people are getting their hands on an used Galaxy S5 and will be looking for ways to get it unlocked.

  • Kelly Gooch

    This method no longer work on new galaxy s5 devices as the manufacturer blocks these secret numbers to be worked, you can only unlock your device by a code genuinely either from your service provider or any third party site like

    • Jacob Barker

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  • Sarah Bailey

    I have tried this method on my galaxy note 3 but it seems it doesn’t work for this as the service menu is blocked in newer firmwares, after doing some research i found a service and decided to give it a try and it works without any hassle.

    • Soeren Daugaard

      On Galaxy note 4 the method with putting in a sim from the original country work, if you make a local call, this I got from Samsung in Denmark, the phone is now working in Thailand

      • TButtons Brasil

        I bought my Samsung in Thailand, but it does not work in Brazil. And there isen’t the “Thailand” or “Bangcok” option to select how locked network in the website codes2unlock

        • jerry

          Bought s5 in switzerland, bring in the philipines..problem incounter with my sim network unlock pin wt

        • Lior Degani

          Hi, there are options to choose networks within Thailand.

  • You should always try to unlock your phone for free from your original carrier (provided you have finished your contract and are in good standing)

    However, many will not want to fill out long forms, wait 2 days, get no technical support nor guarantees.

    There are commercial alternatives out there. Just make sure they:

    – Don’t force you to download unnecessary SOFTWARE! These are usually a scam.
    – Have a clearly stated privacy policy and terms of use
    – Don’t hide behind internet anonymity! i.e. Look for a physical address and ABOUT US page with names!
    – Will provide you with an invoice if requested.
    – Have REAL and VERIFIED customer testimonials.
    – Use SSL and secure checkout at payment.
    – Work with carriers and established partners.
    – Will issue full refund policy. No questions asked!

    Whatever you do, just be careful out there!

    • Michael Patterson

      I just can’t see what’s the big deal about hiding the SIM PASSWORD or they just hide it to get more money out of People

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          • Faye Jackson

            It worked for me? No idea what you’re talking about yes there’s a survey but it’s not a never ending loop… Well worth taking the 5 minutes or so to do the survey and it saved me about £30 so I’m not complaining, give it another try? Maybe you aren’t doing it right

          • Stephen Baxter

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      cheers mate, much appreciated. unlocked my s5 quickly and free. EE wanted to rip me off!

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  • 1000wordsart

    I purchased an ‘unlocked’ Samsung Galaxy S5, but it appears this is not the case. I contacted them and they sent me a ‘SIM network unlock pin’, and I was able to use it successfully, but when I try to add my new carrier the APN Protocol and APN roaming protocol settings on my phone are grayed out (inactive). I was told by my new carrier (Ting) that my phone is still not unlocked. What more can I do to unlock my phone?

  • Keto Evans

    I can unlock contact me on skype “ketoevans”

  • Gsm Team Free Releases

    I’ve seen a limited offer unlock codes for free here

  • Olo Bero

    I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Fiji Vodafone, in tool the Phone to my country and inserted another network sim but its not working, its locked, can anyone help me how i can unlock the network so i can use any other sim card please?

  • If you want to sim unlock your Samsung with real experts sim unlocking phones since 2006 and one of the few website they actually know what they are doing as they develop their own Samsung unlock software (and offer unlock by codes) have a look here:

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  • jowbie

    followed instructions, didnt bring up the same menus on my phone as the ones shown in the video, so no luck for me :(

  • Valerie

    I have the unlock code to unlock my galaxy s5, but i don’t get the screen that’s supposed to prompt me to enter the unlock code. When i restart my phone with the new carrier’s sim the phone just says i have an invalid sim. It doesn’t give me the option to put in a code to unlock it. Help please.

    • Sandy

      Hi Valerie. I’ve unlocked my galaxy S5 from Vodafone who are a nightmare network but thankfully have fully unlocked it with success along with a good few other Samsung mobiles from the S2 right up to the S6 edge. If you want to email me at
      I’ll be more than happy to talk you through the unlock process.
      Obviously I can’t promise it will work for you but it always has for me so far so please do feel free and if I can be of help than I’m only to happy to try and help you. All the best
      Sandy x

  • sarah

    Hey, just wondering…if my samsung s4 was with orange, will the video tutorial for gaff gaff shown above be valid or is it the same as EE whereby it won’t work for any other provider apart from gaff gaff? Thanks :)

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