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Samsung Geeks | April 20, 2019

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How to Transfer Media from one Samsung Galaxy device to another Galaxy Device

How to Transfer Media from one Samsung Galaxy device to another Galaxy Device

| On 01, May 2013

One of our favourite things about the launch of the Galaxy S4 is the high quality support which Samsung has provided with it. Although this isn’t perfect [yet], Samsung are really moving in the right direction – trying to help consumers understand the technology they provide and simplify what might have been quite complicated processes. Along with the Galaxy S4 launch, they have provided “Samsung Smart Switch” Mobile which lets you quickly and easily transfer you data from one Samsung Galaxy Device to another.

Currently this will only work with devices such as the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, which have NFC chips. Quite frankly – this software is awesome.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile TutorialSamsung Smart Switch QR Code

Download Samsung Smart Switch onto both of your Galaxy Devices. You can find it by either scanning the QR code above, or following this link.

Step 2: 

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Tutorial

Ensure that NFC is turned on on both Galaxy Devices and run the application.

How to Turn on NFC:

Turn on NFC by Navigating to “Settings”. On the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, you should be able to Find it by going to Settings > More Settings > NFC Toggle 

Samsung Smart Switch - NFC
Samsung Smart Switch - NFC
Samsung Smart Switch - NFC

One the Galaxy S4, you will be able to toggle NFC from the “Connections” tab in Settings:

Samsung Smart Switch - NFC

Step 3: Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Tutorial

Touch the back of the devices together. You should feel them vibrate and, if you have the sound on, a little “ding” to confirm that the device are in contact with each other. At this point, you’ll need to tap on the screen of either of the device to set up the WiFi Direct connection which will allow you to migrate your data. Leave the devices touching while it does this.

Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial
Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial

Step 4:

Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial

Select exactly what it is that you want to transfer. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile will allow you to transfer Contacts, Calendar, SNotes, Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents – so it’s pretty comprehensive. For music and video – it will only transfer files which are DRM Free. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is security software put into the music/video files which is supposed to stop piracy, though more often than not it just stops you being able to use content you have paid for on your own devices. Herumph.

Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial

Step 5:Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Tutorial

The final step is to press “Transfer” on the device where your content is and then press “OK” to confirm on the device you want to send the content to. Once this is done, sit back and let all the data transfer across from one Galaxy Device to Another. If you are transferring a lot of video files, music and images, this can take quite a long time – so go and put your feet up and check out some of the other cool features of the Galaxy S4 while you wait!

Let us know how you got on and don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything we can help with!

  • tej


    I Have got s4 nd note 2 phones but I am not able to connect them, I have followed your tutorial step by step but nothing happened. Please help.

    Just for your information, I gave got s view cover on s4. Could that be a problem ?

  • Kirks

    Hi I have tried to download the app from the play store for my samsung galaxy tab but says not compatible with device can anyone help

  • Gordon

    Only one of the two phones I won’t to transfer from will have a SIM card in, will that be a problem

  • Chanda

    How do I transfer data from my Galaxy s4 to and from my Samsung Tablet?

    • You can use Samsung Switch or Coolmuter Mobile Transfer to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy s4 to my Samsung Tablet.

  • Scott

    there is an NFC icon on my S4 but not one on my Galaxy Note 1 10.1 tablet. The transfer wouldn’t work.

  • Candie G

    how can I transfer data from my galaxy s3 if the screen went black and cannot see the menu, nor will it connect to kies. Is there another alternative?

    • Dee

      Samsung now have a new free app called SmartSwitch Mobile which is brilliant, I have just transferred all my data from my older galaxy S4 to my upgraded one & it was very simple. You need to download the app onto both phone, start the app on both, then simply click Connect & choose what you what transferred and bingo, done!!

      • Ravi Babu

        Thank you Dee but only one problem this app copied only some photo not all the photo, may be i have to try all the options.
        But this again for suggest this app.

        Ravi Babu

  • Helkin

    Hi. Possibly a really silly question, but I’m gonna ask it!
    I have an S4, and my parents got a tablet 3 for xmas. I set up the tablet with their gmail account and all of their details.
    I noticed yesterday that all of the searches I have done on my phone, are appearing in their google search on the tablet! How?! Why?! What did I do and how do I make it stop!

  • harvey

    trying to transfer music from galaxy 4 to galaxy 4 all went well will not transfer from SD cardis there a correction to this or a limitation

    • Dee

      Samsung now have a new free app called SmartSwitch Mobile which is
      brilliant, get from the Playstore. I have just transferred all my data & personal settings, preferences etc from my older Galaxy S4
      to my upgraded one & it was very simple. You need to download the
      app onto both phones, start the app on both, then simply click Connect
      & choose what you what transferred and bingo, done!!

  • Ross

    after connecting and choose to transfer it gets disconnected i don’t know why!!???

  • henry

    I have the s3 and the 10″ tab 2. I cant make this work. Any suggestions?

  • Ethan Thorne

    Some guys developed mobiletrans program for tranferring data between Samsung to Samsung Android phones, iPhone to Samsung, Samsung Galaxy to iPhone, etc.

  • Mike Sherwood

    hi guys not connecting or working between my S3 galaxy and tablet 10.1….. any clues why this may be…. i dont see an NFC toggle on the tablet like on the S3…. help needed


    Transfer data between iPhone, android, nokia and blackberry

  • mike

    just transferred from s3 to s4 worked great. super easy

  • Brenda

    Followed all steps, but keeps saying “waiting for connection”. What now?

  • amanda

    Is there a way to see a transfer history?

  • pineman

    Another silly question just picked up a S5 I have a S3 so now that the service …phone is transferred to the new phone how do I transfer the app to the S3 that is now turned off ?

  • g

    I just transferred everything and can’t find the documents. ….any ideas please

  • Sherayl

    Wow!! Thanks!

  • laurie

    It said my calendar was transferred..but my stuff is not in the new calendar. .where did it go on the new phone. How do i got all my info onto the new calendar

  • baboone

    hi …trying to copy my songs that are presently on my Samsung tablet 4 to my new Samsung phone 5

  • Dan St.André

    As of 22 March, I tried to use Smart Switch — a Samsung app — to move content between my Galaxy Note-4 (SM-N910A), ‘droid 4.4.4 phone and my Galaxy Note 8.0 (GT-N5110) ‘droid 4.4.2 tablet. I get the message “won’t process SD card contents” or similar. The same message happens regardless of which device tries to drive the transfer.

    Yes, I know about the KitKat security “features” vs. SD cards. I would expect that Samsung apps on Samsung devices would be able to read-write SD media.

    Yes, I know that Smart Switch dialogs mention “iSomethings” and “Android-somethings” and that I want to use two Galaxy devices. Samsung support told me to use Smart Switch for what I’m trying to accomplish.

  • Mariann “Mazz” Williams

    I want to transfer my photo gallery from old Samsung 3 to 4 have done it once but seem to have deleted or removed one of the albums how do I redo it, I only have one sim card??

  • christine

    How can I transfer sturr from s 3 to s 5 sumsung when I only have one sim card

  • mariekettering

    Samsung Smart Switch can transfer data from one Samsung to ANOTHER Samsung. It can transfer contacts, music, video, photos etc.

  • SkinnyInside

    followed your very easy instructions.. !! perfect! thank you.

  • Dani

    My S4 phone was switched to my replacement S4 before I could dl the smart switch app onto the now old phone. How can I get the app on my old S4 before I send back the defective phone so I can transfer what I can’t part with? I’ve tried connecting to wifi but cannot access the Google play store to dl the app???

  • Cheryl Bayne

    This worked great!! Thanks!!

  • Alkis

    Hi! I own samsung galaxy core 2 and I want to know all of the functions and features that it has. I am new to the site and I don’t know what to do. There is videos somewhere to see step by step what to do?
    (Archives – create folders – copy paste and more. )The best is to know what you want watching videos to see all of the functions step by step. The Samsung site geeks has them all? With friendly greetings!

    • Alkis


  • clalexander

    I will be transferring because my old phone won’t charge and I’m worried I won’t be able to do this as now it obviously won’t come on!

  • Sally Harding

    Hello I have successfully transfered from my Samsung phone to my tablet. So both synced now. But I have taken some more pics on my tablet and want then over on my phone. How do you just transfer the new one and not the whole 1000 plus pics again thank you

  • Robert Watson

    Worked like a charm S3 to S8+. Took less than 10 minutes.

  • Laura Asa

    I CANNOT get my S3 to transfer to S8!! Tried everything…HELP!

  • z levin

    i tried to transfer color note but the data did has not transfer to the new phone only empty app. why ?

  • z levin

    colornot app has been transfered but not the data inside . why ?

  • Al Lovinggood

    Dude, I love you man! Thank yo so much!
    Working on my S6 to S9. Missed my music SO much.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!