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Samsung Geeks | March 30, 2020

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Galaxy S4 Official Flip Cover Review

Galaxy S4 Official Flip Cover Review

| On 11, Apr 2013

Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Negatives

A big down-sides of any flip cover is that when the ‘flip’ portion of the case is closed, you cannot see the screen, or even the LED notification light. The Galaxy S4 flip cover is no exception… but you can always open the cover up and leave it on your desk to see the notifications, right?

Historically, Samsung’s official line of Galaxy Flip Covers have had pretty poor durability. Although they initially seem pretty sturdy, many people report that the glue around the edges of the plastic front begin to peel off, bubble and fray. We are hoping that in the long term of using the flip cover, that Samsung have invested some time into better materials. The “soft” inside part of the cover tends to be a bit of a dirt-magnet, and you will certainly have to invest some time in keeping it clean.

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Purely by virtue of being a flip cover, some people dislike how the front part of it will dangle around when you’re trying to use the device. It can get the in the way of gaming or taking photographs and unless you bend it back fully on the device (not really a problem at all), you will find yourself adopting a rather particular (and not necessarily comfortable) hand position when using your Galaxy S4.


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There is no doubt that this is great case for someone wanting to preserve the style and design of their device, without leaving it open to easy scratches and accidental bumps. There are certainly more durable cases out there, but we do like this solution from Samsung. Although unique in it’s sleek design, we’re not convinced that the case is worth it’s premium price tag, though once this price drops it’s definitely worth a gamble on whether the cover will be durable enough not to start disintegrating and looking tatty over time. This case a has a lot going for it!

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Thanks to our Guest Geek Alan Newton from for letting us have a peak at the Galaxy S4 Official Flip Cover!



Let us know what you think about the S4 Flip Cover in the comments below! Is it worth the price? Is the S4 ‘S View’ Cover worth the extra money?

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Device Protection

Wonderful, Innivative Design

We'll have to reserve judgement and update this post depending on how durable the Galaxy S4 flip cover turns out to be. If it doesn't start to deteriorate like its predecessors, then we're onto a real winner!