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Samsung Geeks | February 27, 2020

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PIPA Touch – The Future of Mobile Security?

PIPA Touch – The Future of Mobile Security?

| On 12, Dec 2012

Mobile security is pretty rubbish. Unlock patterns and pin numbers can be cracked by looking for grease smears on your phone – current face recognition can be busted with a picture (though that will change next year) and the majority of people don’t even bother to use any security for their lock screen. Once a maliciously minded person (most likely your friend on a night out) has breached that measly security, your personal data is easily accessible  – you are open to frape, embarrassing messages to ex-partners or even full blown identity theft.

“Many people opt for the simplicity of memorable, easily-compromised passwords over complex, multi-layered solutions that security experts advise. If you go the simple route, you’re vulnerable.” ~ Sher Khan – Project Founder of Pipa Touch

Who enters their email password every time they check it on their phone? Who logs onto the Facebook app each time they open it? Who keeps their personal files backed up in a secure home-server that requires an encryption key and VPN to access it? What?! No one does, and there’s good reason for that – it’s just too much hassle.

Pipa Touch - Samsung

This is where PIPA Touch comes in – impressively paving the way for the future of Mobile security. But not just security – hassle free security.

By using a fingerprint scanner which you can keep in your pocket or permanently between your phone and a propriety PIPA phone case (under development for the latest iPhones and Galaxy S3), all you have to do is swipe your finger and you’ll have access.

Further more, PIPA touch promises full integration with your desktop, too, so the three-factor . Check out this insightful video to see the types of thing PIPA Touch can do.

So PIPA touch is essentially a password manager (nothing new) with a fingerprint scanner (yay!) but I can’t help but think that these guys have missed a trick here. We are on the brink of Mobile NFC technology leaping into the world – and not just for social uses but also for payment. The biggest problem with NFC payment systems is that there is very little security – any payment below £20 uses no authentication other than proximity which is… really bad. Some of the NFC payment apps we’ve seen offer PIN-code protection, but these could easily be broken using the old greasy screen trick.

PIPA Touch - Samsung GeeksPIPA Touch - Samsung Geeks

I can’t help but thinking that something like PIPA Touch could be awesome solution for this sort of thing – after all – if there’s one thing we’re happy to use high-security for then it’s keeping our money safe, right? I have (caugh caugh) heard that fingerprint-reader technology may soon be integrated into new flagship devices in the future, but before that happens – PIPA Touch is an absolute must have for those who value the security of their personal information!

PIPA Touch - SamsungGeeks

Currently PIPA Touch is under development – check out their fundraiser on IndieGoGo to keep up to date and maybe even get your hands on one early… we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on their developments. PIPA Touch is certainly one of the coolest looking things to happen to Mobile technology since NFC, and that’s been around for a long time.

What do you think? Let us know!

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