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Samsung Geeks | April 5, 2020

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Samsung CES 2013: “Something New is Coming” – CES 2013

Samsung CES 2013: “Something New is Coming” – CES 2013

| On 10, Dec 2012

Samsung Tomorrow TV has released a teaser trailer for CES which is tantalisingly ambiguous. With big words like “innovation”, “ideas”, “technology”, “dreams” and “the future” flashing past there’s not really that much to be excited by… this is essentially a good overview of CES which is undoubtedly the largest and most exciting technological exposition in the world.

Then we are given the promise of “Something New” while the dates of CES (8 – 11 January) flash up on the screen with some choice shots of Las Vegas (the host city of CES) skittering around in the background (see below). What we like about this is “something new”…

Samsung CES Teaser Trailer -

… The tech world has been somewhat stagnant and predictable for the past couple of years with the only ‘real’ innovation being the mass production of OLED televisions (I still maintain that 3D sets are useless unless you intend to use it for split-screen gaming). So what could Samsung be that is “new” to the tech world?

My money is on some iteration of a flexible display panel which the Korean company (for better or worse) have branded “Youm”. CEX is normally given to announcements of the non-mobile phone variety as MWC is normally reserved for that – so perhaps we will witness the unveiling of the world’s large flexible OLED display, or even a transparent flexible OLED display. For the time being I can’t really think what else it could be. It would be nice if it were a complete surprise like… I don’t know… the unveiling of “Samsung Holo” and we saw the world’s first true holographic display! Chances are we will also (hopefully not ‘only’) see the official unveiling of Samsung’s New Branding. I certainly hope that all this hype isn’t just for a new Samsung logo… that would be a bit of an anti climax!

What do you think Samsung will be announcing at CES this year? Something flexible, something transparent, something rubbish or something game gamechanging? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!