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Samsung Geeks | May 24, 2019

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Galaxy Note 2 – Scratch Tests and Drop Tests

Galaxy Note 2 – Scratch Tests and Drop Tests

| On 28, Sep 2012

Of course, as soon as we got our hands on the Galaxy Note 2, we had to do a Galaxy Note 2 Scratch Test. The Galaxy Note 2 is protected with Gorilla Glass 2. According to the manufacturer, “Corning“, the glass is as strong as the original Gorilla Glass, while being 20% thinner.

Here’s our own test, where I attack it with my house keys. The Galaxy Note 2 passes this scratch test with flying colours:

We’ve proven in previous posts that Gorilla Glass 2 is pretty tough – but a key would never really any damage to any glass, strengthened or not. We didn’t get a chance to try it with a ceramic cup or diamond cutting tool – but most people don’t carry those around in their pockets!

The guys over at  CALMmobile have done a nice comprehensive scratch test of the Galaxy Note 2 with keys, scissors, and finally go crazy on it with a kitchen knife. The Galaxy Note 2 stands up really well against this onslaught, but the final few ninja slices show a few tiny scratches on the screen.

We will keep this post updated with other scratch tests, drop tests and durability tests as they emerge! Watch this space!

Galaxy Note 2 - Scratch Tests and Drop Tests - Samsung Geeks

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  • mr.big73

    Does anyone know how to sync tmobile contacts to note2?

    • Vilen

      Mobile contacts from where?

  • doh

    Micro scratch after I installed a genuine samsung flip cover. It seems dusts got in between and microfiber cover made it worse by pressing on

  • AliefMaksum

    I just dropped it today when i was running a little, and the glass is break :( Now the screen cannot display anything.. I really disappointed..

    • SGeek

      Booo :(

    • Manu Jain

      can you tell me how much it cost you to repair that

      • SGeek

        Unfortunately this is one of the most expensive parts of the Note 2 to repair. You’re looking at 350USD for a new screen and digitiser (note including paying someone to fit it).

        For that money you could probably pick up a new device second hand. The technology is so fused together that replacing individual components is impossible, and the only option is to replace a large chunk of it.

        It’s good, because it means we get slim and light devices – but it’s certainly not good if we are unlucky enough to break them. Contact your local service centre or branch of Samsung and see if they can help it out!

    • brian

      exact same thing happen to me. it fell out my pocket while sitting in chair onto carpet and shattered the glass. wow. this is lame. my razr max can throw it with gorilla glass.
      the note 2 IS NOT gorilla glass

      • SGeek

        Sorry to hear about the break :(

        The Galaxy Note 2 has Gorilla Glass 2 – that doesn’t make it invincible though, especially with a larger-than-normal screen: the shatter resistant properties of gorilla glass are less/spread out over a larger surface.

  • Jaime

    I have whit my note 2 just 30 days it fell out my pocket when I was goi out off my car and the glass the first time happen too my in my life .The gorilla glass isn’t too strong.I paid $350 and 2 years contract + the insurance company $200 more Iam too disappointed with the Samsung note 2

  • keanu

    How much would it cost to just replace the glass, nothing else, the touch screen works perfectly even with the shattered glass.

  • Promothash

    My Galaxy note fell from my hand the screen lcd broke into pieces…not happy with screen quality :(

  • Rk

    My glass is broken and so i m sure that its not gorilla glass ! Its fucked up , no my phone was not dropped from any where my phone was in my hands and when my child tapped it several times , my screen is now completely broken !