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Samsung Geeks | May 20, 2019

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How to Transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to Transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy Phone

| On 10, Sep 2012

In this post we will show you how to transfer music, contacts, text messages and photographs stored on your iTunes to you Samsung Galaxy phone. We’re going to be using a piece of software called “Easy Phone Sync” from Media Mushroom which we’ve found to be very effective. Best of all, it works on both Mac and PC! It’s very straight forward, and allows you to continue using iTunes with your Galaxy device, it certainly isn’t the only method for transferring media, and we will update this post with other methods once we have time. We put together the following video which outlines the process of transferring iTunes playlists, music, contacts, text messages and photographs to your Samsung Galaxy phone. We recommend you check this out first of all, and we will provide some more information below! Good luck, and let us know how it goes for you!

How to Transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy Phone

This will work with the following types of media, as long as they are stored on iTunes.

  • Contacts
  • Text Messages
  • Photographs
  • Videos (DRM Free)
  • Music (DRM Free)
    • Podcasts
    • Playlists
Easy Phone Sync iTunes to Galaxy Transfer - Samsung Geeks

Step 1

A First of all, download and install “Easy Phone Sync” onto your Samsung Galaxy phone from Google Play. This is an App which will run on your Samsung Galaxy device and allow the iTunes media to be transferred. Click here to download it!

Note: If you can’t see the “Easy Phone Sync” App in Google Play (We think it’s region specific), then try “Easy Phone Tunes“, which is a similar software from the same developers, “Media Mushroom“, though you will be limited to transferring music, and not contacts et cetera.

Secondly, download the “Easy Phone Sync” software from Media Mushroom’s website. This software will run on your computer (both PC and Mac), and allows iTunes to talk to your Samsung Galaxy device and transfer the relevant media across.

Step 2

Quite simple really: start up the Easy Phone Sync application on your mobile phone!

Transfer iTunes and iPhone media to Samsung Galaxy Device - Samsung Geeks

Step 3

Plug your Samsung Galaxy phone into your computer. It should make the tell-tale “ding-dong” letting you know it has been recognised.

Easy Phone Sync iTunes to Galaxy Transfer - Samsung Geeks

Note: It’s important that you have the correct drivers for your Samsung Galaxy phone installed at this point. Most modern operating systems will be able to find the drivers for your and install them, but if not you may want to go to the Samsung Support page (we’ve linked to the US page, but maybe look up your local one) and download the relevant drivers. If you have KIES installed, then you shouldn’t have a problem, as this comes with the packaged in… but who knows!

Step 4

Run the “Easy Phone Sync” software that you downloaded on your Mac or PC. You should notice that iTunes will also start to run in the background – if not, then return to Step 2. It should also detect that your mobile phone is connected to the computer – if not, then return to Step 2!

Easy Phone Sync iTunes to Galaxy Transfer - Samsung Geeks

If you select “Settings” you can go through all the options for what you want to sync. The software is primarily concerned with transferring music (playlists and podcasts included), but there are also check boxes to transfer saved contacts, text messages, photographs, as well as DRM free Videos! You can go through all of the settings and chose exactly what you want to transfer and when!

Step 5

Once you’ve hit “finish” and the transfer is complete – just double-check that everything is working properly and that all the files you want to transfer have done so successfully. Hopefully everything worked perfectly well!


As we are not the developers of this software we’re not going to guarantee transferring your iTunes and iPhone media is going to be 100% successful, but we’ve had lots of positive reports. Please feel free to get in touch with us in the comments of via email, as we do love to hear from you. Don’t forget you can also get in touch directly with the developers, who we’re sure will be happy to help you.

We’d like to wish you good luck with transferring your iPhone and iTunes media to a Samsung Galaxy phone. If this method doesn’t work for you then you might like to check out our more recent article “how to transfer data from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S5” which will walk you through how to transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy S5.


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  • JC

    Hi – Thanks for the vid – v helpful. i followed the process you outlined for music and it worked well although i selected messages also but i cant see these on the phone. Can you help?

    • SGeek

      Hey JC! Thanks for getting in touch.

      We’ve heard from some other people that contacts aren’t transferring properly, and to be honest we’re not sure why that is :'( It might be worth sending a note to the developers to let them know! Fortunately there are lots of other ways to transfer contacts over, such as storing them on the SIM-card, using a contact-to-vcard exporter/importer or syncing them via a cloud service like google. The latter is our preferred method, as it means you can go from one device to another and don’t have to worry about losing a contact ever again!

      Let me know if I can help out with any of the above methods – I hope it all works out for you!


      • Deborah

        Hello S Geek

        I am trying to transfer I-phone contacts to my new Galaxy Ace. I can’t beyond the first stage. Do I need an SD card to proceed? It doesn’t say so on the Easy Sync instructions, but looking at other posts elsewhere, it seems that may be the problem….can you help please?

        Many thanks, Deborah

        • SGeek

          Hey Deborah!

          Do you use a Google email ( email address? If so, we might be able to find a quicker way of transferring your contacts!

          Please send me a message using the contact form and I will get back to you! It shouldn’t be too tricky!

  • can you sync songs individually, like one song at a time?

    • DR

      You sync songs of iTunes individually by ticking the one/s you want

  • PJC

    I have an iPhone and am considering the switch the the Galaxy S3. I would like to know if the songs purchased on itunes can be played on a galaxy s3? or does the DMR mentioned above not all them to be played?

    • PJC

      Not allow them to be played*

    • SGeek

      Hi PJC!

      In 2009, Apple announced that all (newly purchased) music from iTunes will be DRM free. If you have purchased the music after 2009 then it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Most (UK) networks offer a 14 day no-matter-what return and cancellation policy – so you can always give it a go and see what happens :)

      Let us know how you get on!


  • CLJ

    Would this work on the S2?

    • SGeek

      Hi CLJ!

      Yeah – this method should work fine with the S2. If it does or doesn’t work for you then let us know!


  • ronne

    I dont know why it does not work, it tells me that “it has not been possible to transfer data from the selected backup. If the backup is encrypted then please create a non encrypted backup using itunes” please tell me where did i went wrong. please help!!

    • SGeek

      Could it be that the media has DRM protection on it?

  • I only transferred my music and first time I used the app all the playlists where there but since then I only see this. I don’t get any error messages or notifications.

  • Can Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Play .m4a Musics?

  • AMH

    I’ve downloaded both “sync” applications and I started the download process however it says that a majority of my music is protected and cannot be transferred. Is there anything to help with that besides the typical response I have heard (which is to burn a disc)?

  • bubblesmoney

    Watch my video on youtube where i show how you can copy everything off an ipod via a usb otg cable to my nexus 7. The same method can be used for other android devices that have usb otg capability.

    • SGeek

      That’s awesome!

  • bks

    Problem is the largest phone micro sd card is 64 gig. My itunes library is 90 gig. The software will not allow a playlist only export. It seems to be “all or nothing” and if you do not have the space available on your phone then nothing goes.

    • SGeek

      Hey bks – I’ve definitely been able to sync individual songs and playlists using this method: you can select them in the options (demonstrated in the video) – I’m not sure why you are having this problem!? Get in touch with some more details and we’ll see if we can fix it!

  • Amy

    Halfway through the download, and this is already so much faster and easier than other methods I have tried. Google Play wouldn’t let me stop the upload once it started. With 1,000+ songs, it would have been uploading for days/ The easy instructions and clear video you provided are a great help. Thank you so much!

    • SGeek

      Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words Amy! Glad it worked out well for you.

  • jmpthechimp

    This was a pretty hassle free way of transferring the messages and music. I had high hopes that I would be able to get my notes through but if it did work, I couldn’t find them and I checked in the my files browser/explorer. Galaxy note 2 N7100

  • smallgirlaged22

    hi there. :)
    the first time I’m using the easy phone sync it works very well. Since we are having new songs frequently, so i downloaded those songs from the website and i play it with my iTunes. but, the second time im using the easy phone sync it doesn’t work.. i could not access from Music Player but i could access from My Files, BUT there is no songs inside. /storage/sdcardo/Music/LMFAO/Sorry For Party Rocking —– then nothing show up. it wrotes NO FILES. How?? Please help me.. :'(

    • SGeek

      Seems strange! I would recommend un-installing the easyphonesync software from your computer and re-installing it. If not – contact the developers directly! Let me know how you get on!


  • I have a quick question – I’m planning on buying the Note 2, but as a long-term Apple user – I have a lot of media in itunes. I’m just wondering if easy phone sync can be used to sync the music files to the external micro sd in the phone?

  • 8arrows

    what if you have alreddy sync songs on to the phone. but recently bought some more. is there a way to sync some songs without syncing others

  • JD

    Hi, Sgeek. Been trying to figure how to transfer iTunes Mp3 music to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Downloaded easyphonesync, which I can see on phone. “Disconnect Phone” has been showing for a while even when I go to “Next.” Need to download driver but support link you gave doesn’t cater for UK. Micro SD card is in. USB cable waiting to be connected to phone. What gives?

    • SGeek

      Hmm… your computer should automatically download a driver for you! Maybe try out as an easier solution?

      • JD

        Thanks SG. easyphonessync. Got it! Get it!

        For some reason when I come onto this site my computer freezes for a while. Not sure if there’s a connection with what was happening when trying to download easyphonesync but it’s OK now.

        One thing though. Many of the songs from iTunes have duplicated so I’ll be spending time deleting over the next few days.

  • nige

    I transferred my music from my itunes on mac using kies software. it seemed to work but when i tried to play the music and videos on my S3 it said it wasn’t a format the device recognised. ????

  • Jody

    When I go to download the easy phone sync to my laptop a box comes up that says files like this could be harmful to your computer… is it safe to download.. also I only want to transfer one or two songs over. How would I do that. Any help would be great.

  • Paul Dunn

    I have Both devices. Can you Still sync the Iphone once you have Synced Samsung S3?

  • strawberries818

    I was wondering if I still had to keep my Samsung plugged into my computer while its still transferring my messages from my iPhone.

  • Pingback: How to migrate from Iphone 4 to S4 -

  • soccerchik551

    is there a way to transfer apps from a galaxy s3 to an iphone?

  • SP

    My Mac can’t detect my Samsung Note 2 even after I’ve reconnected and re-opened the EasyPhoneSync many times. What else can I do?

  • Uchiha Riddle

    I’m really desperate here, I had a few paid apps on my Iphone which I lost, so I got a Galaxy S3, how do I transfer the apps that I backed up in my Itunes to my new phone? help!!!

    • SGeek

      Hi Uchiha,

      Unfortunately (for everyone) It’s not possible to transfer Apple (iPhone/iPad) Apps onto Android devices, even if you paid for it. Perhaps your best bet is to politely email the developers of the relevant Apps and explain your situation, and see if they would be willing to give you free versions of the Android App.

      Sometimes you’ll fine free versions of the Apps in the Google Play store – have a look for them and see what you can find.

      No one to blame here but massive monopolising money-grabbing companies… BBbbbooooooo :(


  • This software is the best way to stnc your itunes playlists to your galaxy. I have a galaxy note 2 and I was trying to sync it with KIES for 2 days with no success. (Freezes).
    Congrats to developers. If you want to use Itunes genius in your galaxy, this is the way to go…Even musics brought from itunes store are synced with no problems. Plus it is very easy to use.

  • i don’t have a iphone just an ipod classic will that still work to transfer my music n videos to my samsung galaxy s3 ?

    • SGeek

      It should work fine :)

  • Okay so I download this software for my Galaxy SIII and sync. It works fine. However, genres go a bit funky (have a genre known as ta) and albums randomly split up on my phone (I sync-ed to an external memory card). I check my iTunes to see if it has gone wrong there but iTunes is completely fine. Nothing has changed. HELP.

  • Laurettas-Avon

    Thanks! Wondered why the copy and paste function didn’t work like it did with my old BB

  • where can I find my tv shows n movies on my phone ?

    • SGeek

      Hey Eric!

      Just hit the App called “Videos” and it should find any video files on your computer automatically :-)

  • what does the video app look like ?

    • SGeek

      Press on “Apps” and then look for one called “Video Player” – I think it’s a grey film-strip with an “play” triangle in the middle.

  • ms.blow

    This nifty little app did everything it said on the tin!
    It’s simple and so does not boast a lot of features.

    The thing it’s not able to do is cipher encrypted backup data.
    Simply sync an older, unencrypted file. Too bad, for me.
    Moral of the story: Do not encrypt your data on the iPhone.

  • jm

    I hope I didn’t just like.

  • DR

    Is there a way to get iTunes on your phone without downloading Easy Phone?

  • Rachael

    Dom..thank you so much for the video and links. All my iTunes songs were transferred (except the copyrighted ones) quickly and easily! Brilliant!

  • Mike M

    Great, thanks! Now the gym will be much more pleasant!

  • GloriousLorius

    Fabulous app. Had to use USB cord that came w the phone vs one that I bought w a cheap charger. It told me some of my music was DMR protected and couldn’t be downloaded but it downloaded anyway. I’d recommend just going past that message and see what happens.

  • Jessica Borahm Yi

    Can it be any samsung galaxy phone? Borahm Yi

  • Peter

    Please adivse does it also transfer Memos from iPhone/iTunes to Galaxy Note 3?

  • Vickie Terrell

    I just downloaded both the computer software and the app, but every time I select my phone and click next it says that the software is not detected on my device. I don’t really understand how because it is in fact downloaded and running. Help! lol

  • Dave West

    You can also take a look at this guide about “how to transfer music from iPhone to android“.

  • Dave West
  • Guest

    transfer content from iphone to samsung galaxy

  • Ethan Thorne

    moiblego for android provides an easy way to transfer your itunes music to samsung galaxy phones.

  • Halley Russell

    I have this app and it works great for syncing everything from your iTunes, but when I try to sync just my playlists because I have way too many songs to put them all on, It will only put a few songs from them.. For example I have a playlist with 65 songs in it and it will only put 20 on.. How do I fix this???


  • Joshua Martin

    Why not use Phone Transfer? It helps transfer data between Android and iOS with simply 3 steps. Connect, choose and copy. Here is the guide to transfer data from iOS to Samsung Galaxy:
    It is much easier, isn’t it? With only 3 steps and your data like contacts, videos, photos, music, etc. get transferred from iOS to Samsung.

  • jefflakee

    That’s nice!