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How to Transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy Phone

In this post we will show you how to transfer music, contacts, text messages and photographs stored on your iTunes to you Samsung Galaxy phone. We’re going to be using a piece of software called “Easy Phone Sync” from Media Mushroom which we’ve found to be very effective. Best of all, it works on both Mac and PC! It’s very straight forward, and allows you to continue using iTunes with your Galaxy device, it certainly isn’t the only method for transferring media, and we will update this post with other methods once we have time. We put together the following video which outlines the process of transferring iTunes playlists, music, contacts, text messages and photographs to your Samsung Galaxy phone. We recommend you check this out first of all, and we will provide some more information below! Good luck, and let us know how it goes for you!

How to Transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy Phone

This will work with the following types of media, as long as they are stored on iTunes.

  • Contacts
  • Text Messages
  • Photographs
  • Videos (DRM Free)
  • Music (DRM Free)
    • Podcasts
    • Playlists
Easy Phone Sync iTunes to Galaxy Transfer - Samsung Geeks

Step 1

A First of all, download and install “Easy Phone Sync” onto your Samsung Galaxy phone from Google Play. This is an App which will run on your Samsung Galaxy device and allow the iTunes media to be transferred. Click here to download it!

Note: If you can’t see the “Easy Phone Sync” App in Google Play (We think it’s region specific), then try “Easy Phone Tunes“, which is a similar software from the same developers, “Media Mushroom“, though you will be limited to transferring music, and not contacts et cetera.

Secondly, download the “Easy Phone Sync” software from Media Mushroom’s website. This software will run on your computer (both PC and Mac), and allows iTunes to talk to your Samsung Galaxy device and transfer the relevant media across.

Step 2

Quite simple really: start up the Easy Phone Sync application on your mobile phone!

Transfer iTunes and iPhone media to Samsung Galaxy Device - Samsung Geeks

Step 3

Plug your Samsung Galaxy phone into your computer. It should make the tell-tale “ding-dong” letting you know it has been recognised.

Easy Phone Sync iTunes to Galaxy Transfer - Samsung Geeks

Note: It’s important that you have the correct drivers for your Samsung Galaxy phone installed at this point. Most modern operating systems will be able to find the drivers for your and install them, but if not you may want to go to the Samsung Support page (we’ve linked to the US page, but maybe look up your local one) and download the relevant drivers. If you have KIES installed, then you shouldn’t have a problem, as this comes with the packaged in… but who knows!

Step 4

Run the “Easy Phone Sync” software that you downloaded on your Mac or PC. You should notice that iTunes will also start to run in the background – if not, then return to Step 2. It should also detect that your mobile phone is connected to the computer – if not, then return to Step 2!

Easy Phone Sync iTunes to Galaxy Transfer - Samsung Geeks

If you select “Settings” you can go through all the options for what you want to sync. The software is primarily concerned with transferring music (playlists and podcasts included), but there are also check boxes to transfer saved contacts, text messages, photographs, as well as DRM free Videos! You can go through all of the settings and chose exactly what you want to transfer and when!

Step 5

Once you’ve hit “finish” and the transfer is complete – just double-check that everything is working properly and that all the files you want to transfer have done so successfully. Hopefully everything worked perfectly well!


As we are not the developers of this software we’re not going to guarantee transferring your iTunes and iPhone media is going to be 100% successful, but we’ve had lots of positive reports. Please feel free to get in touch with us in the comments of via email, as we do love to hear from you. Don’t forget you can also get in touch directly with the developers, who we’re sure will be happy to help you.

We’d like to wish you good luck with transferring your iPhone and iTunes media to a Samsung Galaxy phone. If this method doesn’t work for you then you might like to check out our more recent article “how to transfer data from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S5” which will walk you through how to transfer iPhone and iTunes Media to a Samsung Galaxy S5.


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