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Samsung Geeks | May 24, 2019

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 flip cover is one of many ways to protect your device and its 4.8” screen from scuffs and scratches. We picked ours up from the friendly folks over at, though it is available for a variety of vendors such as Amazon and wherever else. We went for the white version to go with the white Galaxy S3, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match! There are a lot of good things to say about the Galaxy S3 flip clover, though some things worth noting before you decide to pay out for one. Read on for more! (P.S. All of our pictures have come out a bit yellow, sorry about that!)

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Review Zoomed - Samsung Geeks

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover on Amazon (Affiliate Link):

Feel and Design

There’s a lot of good to be said for the design of the Galaxy S3  flip cover. It looks good – really good. The front has a slick professional look to it and a lovely finish to it which mimics the “hyperglaze” style on the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3. It’s also somewhat tactile, you can feel the bumps and groves (zoomed in on in the picture above) in the surface and it’s satisfying. The design of the flip cover is also very smart with front ‘flip’ part integrating seamlessly with a replacement back cover.

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Review - Attachement side - Samsung Geeks

There is limited protection around the sides of the device. The corners, top, bottom and right sides totally open to scuffs and scratches.

Replacement Back Cover

First of all, be aware that the the official Galaxy S3 flip cover is a replacement back cover for your device. Compared to the original back cover, it is slightly thicker, much more sturdy and fairly inflexible. It’s hard to tell this from the picture below (flip cover left, original back cover right), but it is very noticeable. It needs to be like this in order to house the seamless attachment to the front ‘flip’ part. This has both positive and negative effects depending on the outlook you take on phones.

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Review - Back covers compared - Samsung Geeks

It makes the Galaxy S3 feel much more solid. The original weight is a mere 133 g (4.7 oz) – coming from owning a Galaxy Note, I find this much more reassuring as I can feel the S3 comfortably in my pocket and don’t have to keep checking it’s there. If you like your Galaxy S3 and its original featherlike lightness then this might be an annoyance for you. But if you’re going to get a case for you Galaxy S3, you’re going to have to deal with those problems anyway, right?

As far as looks are concerned, it is identical to the original back cover. However, the added thickness extends the plastic above the LED flash, speaker and Camera modules. In the original cover these are either flush with the plastic, or in the case if the Camera it sticks out somewhat. This is really good, as when you rest it on table, the camera shouldn’t get scratched.

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Review - BackCovers - Samsung Geeks

LED Notification Light :(

A minor quibble here (really, really, really minor!), but one which is worth mentioning. One of the great features of the Galaxy S3 is the notification light. If you purchase Galaxy S3 flip cover, it somewhat negates the existence of this feature as it’s going to spend most of its time covered up. I wish that there was some way for the notification light to shine through the front part of the flip cover, maybe some translucent material or even a small hole, but alas there is not.

Of course, you can leave the flip cover “open”, or fold it back on itself, but it does take up twice the desk room/rest at a slight angle. Yes, it’s pernickety but – well…  that’s how we roll!

Build Quality/Durability

Having owned the Galaxy Note ‘leather’ flip cover we are approached this one with caution. The Galaxy Note flip cover frayed round the edges. After close inspection and comparison, we do not expect that to happen with the Galaxy S3 flip cover as quickly, but anticipate this to happen at some point. It has a harder-wearing plastic coating (not leather) and the build quality round the edges seems much more durable. On the inside is a soft material similar to the Galaxy Note flip cover Of course we will update this post if we notice any deterioration. For now it is still going strong!

Update (28/11/2012): Federico Maggi has got in touch to report ‘peeling’ of the front of the flip cover after just 3 days of use. Mine is still going strong – though with a couple of scuffs and a bit dirty (which makes sense because it’s a white flip cover and I’m not very careful with it). If you’ve had problems with the durability of the flip cover yourself, then please let us know in the comments.


We are extremely impressed with the Galaxy S3 flip cover. It gives adequate protection without compromising the sleek design. It’s certainly our favourite! Check it out for yourself and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments below.

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover on Amazon (Affiliate Link):

Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3
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Great way to protect you Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3 Flip cover review by The Galaxy S3 flip cover is a great way to protect your Galaxy S3 from damage.
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  • rotzooischaap

    I made a hole myself for the notification led with a perforator. Nice clean round hole and works great

    • Amazing!! I Could you send us some pictures to hello[at] so we can show others? ~ Dom

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  • I noticed in pics on net that some of galaxy s3 have a small hole on a original back cover located above led flash, some have not any hole, either white or blue handset. I want to know why there is difference & for what role that hole is?

  • That issue with the notification LED really annoyed me as well, check out my simple solution (using a heated 3mm drill):

    • Me

      How did you get it lines up with the LED?

      • SGeek

        Mark told us that he put a dot of toothpaste on the LED notification light and then closed the flip cover. The toothpaste then left a mark on the flip-cover in exactly the right place to drill!

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  • The genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 flip cover ducks tremendously. The only good thing is that it costs as low as 12 bucks. It started to peel off after 3 days of use. Before posting reviews that say that you “don’t expect it to be as bad as the Note flip cover” or that it “looks much more durable”, you should actually try to use it for at least 1 week.

    People should be aware that the flip cover is Samsung worst scam ever.

    • SGeek

      3 days is quite embarrassing. I’d used the flip cover for a good two weeks before writing this review and noticed no signs of deterioration – as I had done with the Note flip cover. Even now there are only a few small scuffs on my flip cover which I am largely responsible for. My main quibble is that the white one seems to attract a lot of dirt and it’s quite tricky to clean off.

      Please be aware that everything written here is open and honest at the time of writing – I’m not trying to trick anyone into buying anything, certainly not if it is substandard. I still thing it’s a great case for the Galaxy S3 and haven’t had any problems myself.

      I will update the post with a link to your comment – I think it’s important that people are aware of the potential for shoddy quality you have highlighted.

      • sunny

        any suggestions on how to clean the strains

        • Vishal

          any idea what material is the inside part made of? atleast we can google how to clean such materials in general.

  • hochner

    I have had my S3 flip cover for 3 1/2 months and it is already fraying and bubbling. I went into the dealer and they told me that it was only covered under warranty for 90 days, and this was about at 100 days, and told me I would have to call Samsung. I did, and Samsung told me it was only covered by the retailers 90 day coverage and there was nothing I could do about it.

    I liked the case,, but won;t be purchasing another one if it is of this poor quality and going to need to be replaced every 3 months.

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