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Chat On: What is it and Why do we like it?

*Update* from February 2015 onwards Chat On is only available in the US. If you’re looking for an alternative to Chat on then please check out our more recent post: What is the Samsung Alternative to iMessage?

‘Chat On’ is Samsung’s global communication solution software. Recently it has had a serious design overhaul, augmenting not only the visual impressiveness of the App, but dramatically improving fluidity and functionality. Samsung is sometimes criticised for its software, but Chat On demonstrates that they really know what they’re doing. The app allows users to send and receive messages no matter where they are in the world, as long as you have some sort of data connection (3g or WiFi).

For more information, read on or download Chat On here.

Chat On is an extremely useful way to chat to your friends, and what’s more, it’s available for every smart-device. But why is Chat On different from sending a text message or an email … apart from being totally free to use and not munching up your text-message allowance!

More than just a text messaging service

Chat on is more than just a text messaging service. In fact, it’s more than any other messaging service we’ve come across. It allows you to let loose your creativity and communicate in a much more personal way than a text message or any other messaging service. Selecting the “attach” button, you are easily able to communicate with your friends through a whole host of media.

Chat On Options - Samsung Geeks

Animations, Pictures, Voice Recordings, Videos, Locations … Calendar dates… there’s so much you can do! Here are some of our favourites!

Animation Message

Animation Message is our favourite feature of Chat On. It really allows you to express yourself in a way which other mediums don’t allow. If you are lucky enough to have a Galaxy Note then you can write or draw your animation with the S-Pen, though using a finger works well enough, too. Chat On offers a large array of colours, pen types and nib-sizes for you to play with and unleash your creativity.

Chat On animation  - Samsung Geeks

If, like us, you are terrible at drawing – there are even loads of pre-loaded “stamps”. You select the stamp and press onto where it is you want. What we like most about this is that once the stamp is placed you are free to remove it, or adjust the position at any point until you send the animation message.

Chat On Stamps - Samsung Geeks

Once you’ve finished your animation, you can check it over and see how it builds up in your handwriting as though you’re writing it in real-time to your friend(s).

Chat On Animation Message

Record Voice, Video, Calendar & Share Location

 Chat On also allows you to record voice messages for people, share your (or any) location with your friends and share calendar appointments with each other.

Chat On Location Share - Samsung Geeks

This makes it not only a fun App to use to communicate, but also a very functional one. The ability to quickly share a specific location, time and date is so useful for meeting up with friends and quickly sharing location data. We’re not going to pretend that it is the best service out there, as Google’s Latitude and Calendar are better on their own. But are as integrated, as cross-platform or as easy to use? No – so good on Samsung!

Chat On also has a special place called “The Trunk” which provides you with short-cuts to all the media you have previously created and shared with your buddies. This way you can easily share media with more than one person easily. Or, if you prefer, you could start a group message!

Messaging / Group Messages

Chat On allows you message more than one person at once. Batch messaging is something we’re all used to – sending out mass text messages or emails. What’s nice about Chat On is that replies are succinctly placed in one place for everyone to interact with each other.

There are also vast amounts of smilies – from the standard happy and sad emoticons, to aliens, pirates and even an elephant!

Chat On Smiley - Samsung Geeks

Buddy Interaction

The only thing we don’t really understand about Chat On is the “Buddy Interaction” rankings. It gives you and the people you interact with scores based on how much you interact with each other. Why this is needed, we’re not sure. I guess the idea behind it is to encourage you to use the service more and interact with other more often… but surely all this sort of thing can do is increase narcissism and negativity towards those “friends” who aren’t at the top of your list.

Chat On Buddy Interaction - Samsung Geeks

Maybe some people will like it, but we’re not convinced that this feature is needed at all. But it doesn’t really get in the way of anything else and can be easily ignored, so we don’t mind it whatsoever!


We truly believe that Chat On is the most succinct, full featured and fluid 3g messaging service available. The user interface is beautifully thought out, as is the concept. The only thing holding this piece of excellent software back is inertia. With powerhouses of the communication world like Facebook, Google and Skype plugging their own messaging services it’s often easier to just use the messaging service where most of your friends are. Hopefully everyone will give Chat On a go as it really is a cracking bit of kit!

Download Chat On here.

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Let us know what you think of Chat On in the comments below!

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