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Samsung Geeks | June 24, 2019

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New Trent iCruiser Battery Pack Review – IMP1000 11000maH

New Trent iCruiser Battery Pack Review – IMP1000 11000maH


Battery life is always a problem these days. Even though battery capacity is increasing, the rate of consumption from power hungry components (and users!) is going up and up. One such solution for this is the New Trent iCruiser 11000mAh battery pack because if its good looking design and battery capacity – and here is a review of it! If you don’t feel like reading the rest of this review but but want to get at least an extra 6 charges out of your smartphone – then head over to Amazon to get one! It’s a beast!

Size and Weight

Slimline and lightweight are key in a busy world where we don’t want to have to carry bricks around with us, and the iCruiser does not dissapoint! I’ve put it next to a Galaxy S II to for the sake of comparison, and you can see the design is really nice and sleek with dimensions of 10.9cm x 6.35cm x 2cm (4.3″x2.5″x0.8″ ). Having such a large battery capacity, it isn’t pocket-sized – but you wouldn’t expect it to be either. It’s light enough not to weigh down a bag at only 270g (0.6lb)! It’s easy to use and the benefits are great!

New Trent iCruiser Battery Pack 11000mAh Review


You can charge up any device through the single USB port. It comes with micro-USB and mini-USB adaptors but if you have a device which takes a propriety cable such as an iPhone,  iPad or Galaxy Tab, then you can just attach the USB cable you’d use to connect to your computer.

Having an extra 11000mAh in your bag while on the go is so useful! No matter what device you’re using – the demands of 3g/4g and WiFi, heavy flash content and multitasking does have a noticeable effect the battery life of your device.

New Trent iCruiser Battery Pack 11000mAh 3

The iCruisertakes 4-5hours to charge, but from this you will get at least 6 extra charges for your Smartphone and 2-3 charges for your Tablet Device. High-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S II feature a 1650mAh battery – so you can broadly divide your devices battery mAh by the iCruiser’s 11000mAh to work out what you expect to get out of it. For the iPad2 which has around 7000mAh it’s going to be almost 2 extra charges, but for a smaller tablet, like the Galaxy Tab ou can get almost 3. I’ve had the iCruiser for two weeks now, and I’ve yet to charge my Galaxy S II from the wall!

How do you know how much battery is left?

New Trent have come up with a really simple way to let you know how much battery is left in the iCruiser.

There is a single button on the device, which, when pressed will light up blue LED lights next to “Low” “Mid” and “High”. These correspond to <25% <50% and <75% total charge. Of course – when there are no lights – the lights don’t turn on at all!

Could you live without one?

Sure I could live without one. But I’m lazy… and sometimes I forget to charge my phone which is so indispensable to me for both work and pleasure that I find myself in some kind of strange limbo. Having the iCruiser to hand has already saved my day, be it for getting an extra bit of juice to finish the movie I’m watching on a long train journey, or to make an emergency phone call when I would normally have run out of battery life.

I highly recommend it – if only for peace of mind!

If you have any questions about the iCruiser then do get in touch – I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Or if you have one yourself- what do you think?


  • noname

    I need to get one of these!

  • Thanks for your reassuring review. Now I know I should get one :D

  • Ingo

    Thank you for your review. Was not sure if it would charge my Galaxy Tab, but now I am assured.

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  • AG

    I just got one, I’m in fucking love