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Samsung Geeks | February 27, 2020

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Samsung Hope Relay App: A Charitable Opportunity you Cannot Miss!

Samsung Hope Relay App: A Charitable Opportunity you Cannot Miss!

| On 11, May 2012

Samsung have pledged to donate £1 to charity for every mile you walk or run. What nice guys!

Samsung are one of major sponsors of the Olympics, where they are set to plug the Galaxy S III. It looks like they’re getting off to a good start, with this wonderful idea of an App! With the weather improving and Summer well on its way I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than go for a stroll in the countryside… well now I can do so while making money for charity! Enjoying yourself never felt so good!

Simply download the App from Google Play, enter your name, email address and you’re all set to go! Samsung aren’t being picky with which type of device this App is available to, either. Currently you can get it for

    1. Android
    2. iOS and
    3. Bada

It’s nice to see that they’re not being stingy to iPhone users with this one (as we suspect Apple would have been, had they come up with such a great idea).

One of the features we really like is the ability to customise your personal avatar for all your friends to see. You can take a picture with your mobile device’s camera or choose from a pre-existing one in your gallery.

There’s also the option to make teams. This is a really nice social feature which allows you to get your friends involved and all start raising money together.

Let’s say you and 10 friends went for a 10mile walk together… that’s over £100 for charity already! Amazing!

Not only that, but the App can integrate with your Facebook account so you can get “cheers” from your friends while you’re on your walk or run. It’s a feature which is common in many training Apps and one which we really like! It makes exercise much more enjoyable to know you have the support of your friends. It’s also cool to let them know you’re doing something nice for charity!

We are extremely impressed with Samsung’s new App and the the whole charitable nature of it! It’s cracking fun, but don’t take our word for it – download and try it for yourself!