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Samsung Geeks | March 27, 2017

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Do You Really Need a Smartwatch?

September 18, 2016 |

The marketing people for the likes of Samsung and Apple have a distinct image of their users: quirky, wealthy types whose paid employment seems to consist of snowboarding, organising brightly-coloured street demonstrations, and capturing every second of it on film … Read More

Is Gear 3 as Good as Gear 2?

September 15, 2016 |

Is Samsung’s latest bit of kit, the Gear 3 as Good as Gear 2? Samsung’s Gear 2 was a game-changing bit of kit. The company’s first go at a Smartwatch turned out the unremarkable and rather ugly Gear, which was … Read More

Samsung’s Family Hub is Coming to Europe!

September 8, 2016 |

Talk about fingers in lots of different pies! While storming the Smartphone market, and making a very big impression with their latest Smartwatch designs, Samsung have refused to limit themselves. We all know them for their pocket-sized technology must-haves, but … Read More

Samsung Unpacked: The Best Bits

August 9, 2016 |

In the last 24 hours or so, an excited flurry of new information has been feeding back from Samsung Unpacked formally announcing the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Bringing an end to months’ worth of speculation, the Samsung … Read More

What Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 Be Like?

August 7, 2016 |

What will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be like? It’s very soon to be speculating about Samsung’s next flagship phone to leap off the conveyor belt… but everybody’s already wondering, and the rumours have been nothing short of compelling. With months … Read More

Pros and Cons of Smart Home Systems

July 26, 2016 |

It seems that modern living is creeping closer and closer to our old sci-fi fantasies of what the future would hold by the day. We’re not quite there with the flying cars or tubes that whizz us anywhere in the … Read More

What’s the Difference Between UFS Cards and SD Cards?

July 25, 2016 |

The emergence of new memory modules referred to as UFS, or Universal Flash Storage, is getting the technology market all excited. And despite it supposedly being the next big thing, one market leader has been using it in their flagship … Read More

What Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Be Like?

July 23, 2016 |

With a mere fortnight separating us from the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 (that’s right – it’s so cool, it skipped the 6 altogether!), the anticipation is getting everybody pretty worked up. What will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 … Read More

What are the Advantages of UFS Cards?

July 21, 2016 |

I know… just as you have gotten your head around the endless possibilities and capacities of the SD and Micro SD card, they go and release a bigger and better thing to get used to. Well, now it’s the UFS … Read More

Why Don’t Samsung Want You to Install Windows 10?

June 18, 2016 |

There has been a lot of recent confusion over Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership, and the compatibility of Samsung’s devices with Windows’ latest update. For around the last year or so, many customers had been reporting either difficulties with Windows 10, … Read More