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Samsung Geeks | January 19, 2017

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How to use the Samsung Galaxy S6 virus scanner - Samsung Geeks

How to use the Samsung Galaxy S6 virus scanner

| On 28, Jan 2016

by Andrew Wilmot

One of the features new to the Samsung Galaxy S6 is its virus scanner, which was made as a collaboration between McAfee and Samsung. As smartphones become more popular, the more attractive they become to the unscrupulous people that create viruses. I run my virus scanner every so often – I’m pretty careful with my day-to-day use, knowing what sort of things to avoid, but even the most diligent user can be caught out. So, here’s how to use the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Virus Scanner!

1, Go to the home screen and tap on Settings.

2, Scroll down and tap on “Lock and Security”

3, Tap on “Device Security”

4, Here you’ll see a little shield. If the shield is blue, then your phone has been scanned recently and you don’t have to worry, but if it is yellow then you should run a scan immediately.

5, Scroll down and hit “Scan Device” and it’ll start scanning.

It really is as simple as that, and is something you should do every so often – more often if you regularly downloading lots of apps or browsing unsecure sites. Of course the best protection is to just be careful with what you browse and download, but it’s nice to know that Samsung has your back when things do go wrong!